Preparing to Use Your Crystals


Crystal Energy, Crystal Healing
For centuries many civilizations have revered them, incorporated crystals into their religious rituals, and used them for healing.  History abounds with legends, folklore, and myths related to man’s relationship with crystals and the belief that crystals have energy and that we can connect with that energy.  The amount of gem lore passed down through the generations is endless, but you will discover that crystals have been interwoven into the cultures of many civilizations for centuries.
Crystals used for Healing or Meditation
There are many books and much information on the internet written regarding meditation and healing with crystals.  If you have just discovered the world of crystals here is an overview of some of the ways people prepare their crystals for healing or meditation to help you get started.Please see our About page to find out more about how we cleanse our crystals, incorporate them into our lives and how we use them to enhance our spaces.

The Steps in a Nutshell
  • Decide your intent
  • Choose your crystals
  • Cleanse or re-tune them
  • * Note – many sites will recommend “charging” or “programming” your crystals.
  • Send your intention or affirmation to the crystals and either set up a crystal grid, meditate, place your crystal in a location of your choice, or carry with you as a personal amulet

Basic Steps for Preparing Your Crystals

  1. Cleansing –  as soon as you begin your research on how to work with your crystals you will discover that there are many ways to cleanse or re-tune them.  After study and working with crystals for many years I believe that your crystals will return to their full vibration or frequency on their own over time, but you can also use other methods for doing this! You may link here to our Cleansing page.
  2. Charging (energizing)  – Once your crystal is cleansed, many crystal healers find it important to activate or awaken the crystal so its energies will flow and you can realize its full potential.  You will find just as many suggestions on the best way to charge your crystals as you will on how to cleanse them!  I believe that the crystals already have their own frequency and I do not “program” them but I do use a copper pyramid, or other crystals such as selenite and clear quartz to work with, amplify and enhance the vibrations and frequencies of the crystals.
  3. Initiating / Programming –  Again, many crystal healers or sites advise to “initiate” or “program” your crystals.  Basically, these terms mean the same thing, and are about getting a sense of, or attuning to your crystal, and then focusing your intent towards it regarding its purpose in your personal meditations.  In a sense, letting that crystal know its role.   After much study and working with crystals I find that the crystals have their own innate programming and that by using affirmations or stating my intention for a crystal grid is the best way for me to use my crystals and crystal grids for manifesting my intentions.
  4. Setting up your Crystal Grid / Meditation / Carrying your Crystal as a Personal Amulet –  Once  I re-tune any crystals that I feel intuitively need it, I think of my intention, and always write an affirmation, and then either set up my crystals in a geometric pattern to create a crystal grid, place it/them in a pouch to carry as a personal amulet, or just continue to focus on the crystal (s) to either relax, decompress, or affirm a desired goal or outcome.If you are using your crystals to set up a crystal grid, you can either connect the crystals energies by using your “intent”, or you can use a clear quartz point or wand which is recommended.  You hold the quartz point over the crystals and draw an “imaginary” line connecting one crystal to the next.  Make sure to include all of them.  If your grid is bumped or moved for any reason.  Make sure to “reconnect” the crystals again.