Some Ways in Which Crystals are Used

“Man does not have the only memory, the Earth remembers, the Stones remember, If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things”

From healing, to working towards bringing about a desired outcome,  to simply decorating your home with crystals, only your imagination and creativity and motivation is the limit.

I have crystal grids and crystals everywhere!  I think combining crystals with your favorite, or meaningful, possessions creates a  warm atmosphere in all parts of your home.  Here are some pictures of how I place them around the house.  Enjoy!


Beyond their inherent beauty, for thousands of years crystals have been used by many to enrich their lives.

  • To bring a feeling of positive energy to your home or other spaces.
  • To facilitate lucid dreaming and astral journeying.
  • To support positive thinking.
  • Combinations of crystals are used to create meditation grids or layouts.
  • As part of medicine bags or personal amulet pouches
  • To create crystal elixirs or crystal tonics.
  • By crystal healers and an essential component of the art of crystal healing.
  • To break bad habits and help to manage addictive behaviors.
  • To enhance a feeling of serenity, peace and purpose when used in connection with intent and affirmations.
  • To encourage a connection with and to receive guidance from the Angelic Realm or those who have passed.

Crystals will impart their energy into a space
whether or not you are even aware of it.