How to Create or Set Up a Crystal Grid


All you really need are some crystals that you choose, either intuitively, or purposefully based on their metaphysical properties.  Choosing your crystals carefully or intuitively will maximize the energy and increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals, dreams and desires.  Then they are placed in a pattern or layout that either has meaning to you or that appeals to you.

You can either say an affirmation or visualize your need or intention while you focus on the crystals’ energy.  Then see your affirmation or intention going out and upwards with the energy from the crystals.  Of course once you start working with crystals you may want to experiment with Sacred Geometry grids,  more complex crystal patterns, or incorporating incense, candles, specialty crystals and other items to enhance the experience.

You can use many different materials as bases for crystal grids.  It could be a finished wood block,  tile squares, a terracotta or clay round shallow dish, a crystal slab, or a cloth, burlap or canvas square.  You can even use a piece of paper or card-stock with a pattern drawn or painted upon it to assist you in creating a layout of crystals that appeals to you.  Drawing your own Sacred Geometry pattern is excellent for setting up a crystal grid and helps greatly with the placement of your crystals.

A set or “family” of crystals is the main component of your crystal grid. I sometimes include a copper element to the grid to enhance the energy of the crystals, so if you have any copper nuggets or copper wire wrapped crystals you can incorporate these into your grid pattern also. Crystal pyramids, spheres, points and wands are also great for including into your crystal meditation grid.

I also love using clay or terracotta rounds for creating a small,  personal crystal arrangement.  The rounds can be filled with ground stone or sand and you can let your imagination or intuition run free to create a beautiful crystal garden.  Smaller bases are absolutely fabulous for bringing to work to place on your desk or on a window sill (just make sure light sensitive crystals don’t get exposed to too much sun!)

I use quartz, carnelian, amethyst, copper, selenite and citrine extensively in my crystal grids and I use a variety of items to make meaningful and pleasing bases on which to arrange my crystals.

I also frequently use Reiki charged candles or incense (my favorite is Nag Champa) when I set up a grid.  The scent of the candles or the incense, and the power of the flame is a wonderful enhancement to either a meditation or just simply to bring some positive energy, fragrance and beauty into your room.

I also use a quartz or crystal point to connect the energies of the crystals once you set them up.  Remember to re-activate your grid if it is disturbed in any way!

As you acquire more crystals you may find yourself intuitively arranging them in different patterns, and in various combinations.  Using a grid base or layout can help you focus your intent or affirmations more clearly.  I highly recommend using a grid or layout as a starting place for anyone new to working with crystal energy to help keep your pattern focused.

If you are using your crystals for meditation, once you have chosen the type of  grid you want to use, and have chosen your crystals,  think of an affirmation that appeals to you and speaks to your desired goals.  Your affirmation should be clear and positive and said with full intent.  Alternatively, clearly set your intention, or the purpose of your meditation in your mind.  See it in your mind’s eye, send it out to the crystals, and then visualize it moving out and upward.

I have found that these elements (a grid or layout, your crystals, and affirmation) greatly enhances my enjoyment and appreciation of my crystals and I love how they enhance my life.