Cleansing, and what is Re-tuning Your Crystals?

On the menu to the left you will find some of the methods that are used to cleanse or re-tune your crystals. Remember that some crystals are more fragile than others and can better tolerate one method over another. If you have acquired a crystal that seems fragile or that needs extra care, remember that moonlight is safe for all crystals (sunlight is fine for many) and a preferred method by many crystal healers.   Please keep in mind that there are some crystals that cannot tolerate sunlight and could fade from too much sun.  This list includes amegreen, amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine,  celestite, citrine, fluorite, green apophyllite, hiddenite, kunzite, opal, prasiolite, rose quartz, smoky quartz, topaz, and turquoise.  This list is not all inclusive so do some quick research each time you get a new crystal just to be on the safe side.

After much study and working with crystals I have started using vibratory sound to re-tune my personal crystals and the crystals that I offer in the Shoppe.  By using a crystal singing bowl or tuning forks to return the crystals to their full or peak resonance, or highest vibration, I believe they are best ready to be used in crystal grids and to share their wonderful metaphysical properties with us.  I place the crystals within a copper pyramid with clear quartz points, selenite and quartz and/or amethyst clusters where they will receive a full day of sun and moonlight and then use vibratory sound to re-tune them.   I don’t believe the crystals actually absorb or hold negative energies like a sponge, which has been a common train of thought for at least as many years (over 16) as I have been working with crystals, but rather that they get “muddy” and need either time or a re-tuning to return to their natural state and peak resonance.  You can use water or burying your crystals in the earth, or other methods to re-tune or “cleanse” your crystals, such as the examples I have here on the site.  For me, I find using the method I have described above as the one that now resonates the most and feels most powerful to me personally 🙂

To see specific ways for re-tuning your crystals you may use the menu to the left and choose the method you are interested in from the menu under Cleansing // Re-tuning.

You can scroll to below the pictures of the copper pyramid to read about “charging”.


About Charging Your Crystals

After cleansing their crystals many crystal workers will “charge” them using various methods, and in the past I practiced this also.  After much study and years of creating crystal grids I believe that by re-tuning the crystals to help them get back to their peak vibration or resonance is really all they need.  They are already programmed and “know” how to use their energy.  By connecting with them and stating my intention or affirmation I feel that the grids I create are ready to do their manifesting work to send their energies out to the Universe.  I do believe a nice “rest” in moonlight or sunlight (if the crystals can tolerate sunlight without fading), or using copper, such as a pyramid to place them under, or pieces to place near the crystals, can give your crystals an energetic boost.

Some methods you may come across for “charging” your crystals are below and are commonly used by many to charge their crystals.    You can use these methods should you feel this step is important for you in working with your crystals.

  • Simply by placing them in sunlight / moonlight – if you have cleansed them by this method, you are all set.
  • Placing them on a selenite slab or citrine cluster.
  • Placing them near or within a circle of selenite or citrine.
  • Using your intention by focusing on the crystals to be charged and see them surrounded by a light of energy.

Trust your intuition and follow what steps and methods resonate with you.