2020 January Celestial/Astrological Events

Welcome January!  

🌟The first month of a new year, actually, the first month of a new decade, is a fabulous time to set new goals and intentions!  January starts off on Jan 3 through Jan 4 with Quadrantids Meteor Shower with an expected average of up to 40 meteors per hour!  Absolutely place your crystals in view of the sky if you can during this above average meteor shower 🌟

The Full Moon appears on January 10th and was named by early Native American tribes as the Wolf Moon, reflecting a time of year when the howling of hungry wolves would be heard after dark.  Other names for this moon are the Old Moon and the Moon after Yule.  Take this opportunity to reinforce your intentions for 2020 and give your crystals a nice energy boost.

Also taking place on January 10th a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will occur which will be visible in many parts of the world, but not in the US.  This event takes place when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, or penumbra. 

The combination of the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse heralds a moment to reflect on family, relationships and home.  It may be a more emotional time, especially for those born under Cancer.

Look to the New Moon in Cancer on January 24th.  New Moons symbolize beginnings and are wonderful times to focus on new projects and goals, especially those that are family and relationship oriented 🌟

Consider using hematite in your crystal grids this full moon with candles of white or violet and set your intentions for this fresh new year!

Embrace the uncertainty, prepare for the unexpected, and enjoy every moment of change!

❄ We always recommend establishing a Full Moon and/or a New Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind! ❄

❄January 2020❄

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