🪴 jur~nee jar 🪴

by Crystal Dragonfly

These are jars filled with intuitively chosen prompt words, charms, stones and more to inspire, encourage reflection, motivate and inspire personal growth.

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A little bit about the Power of Carved Crystal Shapes

In addition to the metaphysical properties of your crystals you can take into consideration the shape of a crystal when creating a crystal grid, an arrangement of crystals or using a crystal as a focal point for meditation.

Here are a few easily found shapes of carved crystals:

CARVED ANIMALS: Carved angels and crystals in the shapes of a totem or spirit animal are wonderful additions to a crystal grid, and especially useful for a personal amulet pouch or medicine bag.

EGG:  The egg shape symbolizes new beginnings, protection, creation, growth, nurturing & potential.  They are a wonderful tool to use during meditation and to hold to reduce stress.  This shape is said to balance the trio of bodies – intellectual, physical & emotional.  Wonderful in a crystal grid to bring serenity, calm, peace, and stability.

EYE:  The eye symbolizes spiritual and intuitive sight and seeing with the eye of Truth.  They can be considered the gateway into one’s soul, and can represent clairvoyance as well as honesty.

HEART:  The heart evokes feelings of love, safety, joy, emotions, connection, bonding & nurturing.  Wonderful to use in healing grids, grids for relation- ships, joy & happiness.  Holding the heart in your hand can help to soothe & ease overwrought nerves.

MOON / LUNAR: Try incorporating the full moon or crescent moon shape with other crystals that represent brightness, light, infinity and humanity.



OBELISK: This carving is a bit wider at the base and narrows towards the 4-sided pyramid shaped top.  In ancient Egypt obelisks were found in pairs guarding the entrances to their important sites.  In Greek obelisk means “needle” suggesting that this shape is meant to pierce or penetrate between the realm of above from the physical world.  The apex points upwards and this shape, similar to the pyramid shape is wonderful for grids for communication with the spiritual or Angelic realms, and for grids for manifesting something in the physical world.  As obelisks are also considered to be towers for protection they are a good choice as the center piece in a grid for protection or for a focal piece for a protection meditation or protection amulet piece.

PYRAMID: The apex (point) of the pyramid sends its energy straight upwards and I find it my “go to” center piece for a crystal grid when I create manifestation grids for something I want to create in the physical world.  The pyramid is a powerful, ancient shape and many believe that its shape creates enhanced energy fields.  This shape is also credited with facilitating a deeper focus and enhanced healing during meditation.

SPHERE:  This shape represents completion, infinity, wholeness and the ability to realize all that is possible.  The sphere sends its energy evenly in all directions.  I choose a sphere as the center of a crystal grid when I am creating a grid for self -improvement, protection or peace and serenity.

STAR: The shape can represent brightness, light, infinity and humanity.

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