☀ September 2020 Celestial/Astrological Events

September is off to an exceedingly early start with a Full Moon occurring on September 2nd! This moon is also referred to in North America as the Corn Moon as this is the time of year that we harvest corn 🌽 Full Moons bring full energy and reflection so jot this date down on your calendar. 🌽

Blue giant Neptune will be at its closest approach to Earth on September 11th and its face will be fully illuminated by the sun.  It will still be at quite a distance from us, but its blue dot can be visible with a powerful telescope.  This is another good time to give your crystals some planetary love by placing them near a window or outside if possible.

September 17th brings the New Moon so do not forget to take the time to enjoy a view of the star clusters and galaxies without the light from the moon to obscure them.

The September Equinox will bring nearly equal amounts of daylight and nighttime throughout the world on September 22nd.  This coincides with the first day of Fall (autumnal equinox) in the Northern hemisphere.

I hope each of you will follow your own New Moon Rituals, open yourself up, and set the intentions for the month ahead. If you feel too focused on the details, remind yourself to keep your mind open, look at the bigger picture and even challenge yourself to focus on an area of life you may have been neglecting.

2020 September Lunar events

🌽 Consider using sapphire, agate, peridot, or carnelian in your crystal grids this month for wisdom, a peaceful mind, vitality, creativity, joy, and clarity, mixed in with a little bit of luck!

🌽Incorporate candles in shades of  blue or violet with crystals or arrangements to set your intentions for this month. 

Consider adding some violets, asters or dahlias to your crystal arrangements to add another layer of natural energy and to brighten your spirits.

🌽 We always recommend establishing a Full Moon and/or a New Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind! 🌽

Start anew, rekindle, get busy, and start planning to harness some vitality, motivation and bring on a positive month!


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🌽 September 2020 🌽

Sacred Geometry Carvings

Here’s what’s on special for the month of September, 2020!
These carvings have a nice cut and polish and are excellent for manifestation, positive energy, amulet pouches, and good for using as part of your crystal grid, and even as the center piece of your grid!
The Star of David is also a Star Tetrahedron.  This is formed when two Tetrahedrons are merged together.   Seen two-dimensionally, it is a hexagram, or the six-sided Star of David.  The Star of David is considered a Sacred Geometry Platonic Solid shape associated with the Crown Chakra.

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Zodiac Gallery

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