🌽🌼🌽  May 2020 Celestial
Astrological Events

🌼 Hurray for May!  🌼  This month starts out with the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower and expect this to be an above average shower!  It’s capable, at its peak, of producing up to 60 meteors per hour.  That’s a ton of energy right there!  It will peak on the evening of the 4th of May through the morning of May 5th in the Northern Hemisphere.   These meteors will be radiating from the Aquarius constellation but may be seen anywhere in the sky above. 🌜

May’s full moon in Scorpio is referred to as the 🌼 Flower Moon 🌼 as a nod to the abundance of Spring flowers making their appearance in North America. You may also hear this moon referred to as the Milk Moon or the Corn Planting Moon 🌽.  This full moon occurs on May the 7th and will be the final Supermoon for the year 2020!

🌼 Follow your Full Moon ritual, with focus on noticing what has been working for you and tweaking your approach for the things that have not been going as smoothly as you would like.

🌼 As always, this is the time to set new intentions, dive into a new project, and reset your purpose in each part of your life.

🌼 May 22 heralds this month’s New Moon so take advantage of the lack of bright moonlight to gaze above at far off galaxies and star clusters which can interfere with those celestial sightings.

🌼 May 23 brings the newly discovered comet Atlas making its closest approach to Earth.  It is expected to brighten after this date making it visible in the night sky for a time to come.

🌼 Consider using carnelian, citrine, and / or tiger eye in your crystal grids this month for vitality, joy, motivation and success.

🌼 Incorporate candles in shades of orange, yellow or white with crystals or arrangements to set your intentions for this month.  Consider adding some daisies, black eyed susans or sunflowers to your crystal arrangements also if you have some to add another layer of natural energy and to brighten your spirits.

Start anew, rekindle, get busy, and start planning to harness some vitality, motivation and bring on a positive month!

🌼 We always recommend establishing a Full Moon and/or a New Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind! 🌼

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🌼 May 2020 🌼

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Here’s what’s on special for the month of May 2020!

Sephoroton Pendulums with Lobster Claw clasps so they can double as a pendant!

Rose Quartz with Goddess Charm
Selenite & Himalayan Salt – Cleansing
Citrine & Green Aventurine – Prosperity
Hematite & Clear Quartz – Grounding / Purifying
Fluorite – Intuition / Clarity
Chakra Gemstone Beads with Rose Quartz

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