After an 8 month “sabbatical” I have recently started doing tarot, crystal and angel card readings again.  It’s been a rediscovery of something I love to do and it was almost a surprise to realize how much I missed doing them!

I am a bit more than halfway through a tarot card reading certification course which will be completed in November and it has been wonderful to get back into the cards and to be tapping into my intuition on a daily basis, especially in a focused way after a such a long time of being focused on more external things.

If there is anything in the past that has brought you joy, peace,  or comfort, or has stimulated your intellect or curiosity, I highly recommend taking it up again!

The picture below shows my fireplace which since we’ve moved into our house always has copper pyramids, crystals, candles and an assortment of my favorite things on the hearth.  It’s a good thing I live in Texas and we never turn on the fireplace here

Copper Pyramids for Readings

All crystals that come in spend at least one night in front of the fireplace under a pyramid and this is also where I do my readings, set up crystal grids and basically unwind for the day.  Even though this is a “common” room in my house at night it’s empty and quiet and I can see the night sky, the stars and the moon quite clearly through the tall windows.

My message for the day is even though we may put things aside for a time, it’s a good idea to revisit things that we loved in the past!

~Crystal Blessings~


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Halfway done and loving every minute!
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