A few words about your jur~nee jar

Jur~nee jars can be a great tool for personal growth, soulful contemplation, self-discovery, sparking thoughts or finding clarity.

Similar to the practice of daily tarot card pulling (where you choose a tarot card and see where the meaning of the card can reflect, influence, or give you some insight during that day), using the objects in the jur~nee jar can provide a creative method to achieve a similar effect.

You can choose one item randomly that you are drawn to and apply its message, meaning or familiarity to a specific situation or issue you are dealing with.

You can carry one stone, charm with you as a reminder to reflect on a certain person, problem, or challenge.

You can empty your jar onto a flat surface and randomly sort the pieces to see what “story” it tells you.  You may make an instant connection or it may take a few days to percolate before you “see” the message, thought, idea, or conclusion you have drawn based on the objects and / or the order in which they landed.

Remember to match up your tumbled stones and carvings below to find word associations and brief metaphysical properties for the stones included in your jar.

Your jar will include 6 to 8 tumbled or carved stones, a drawstring pouch, 4 to 5 charms, 4 to 5 word prompts, a metal key, and a scroll with info on your jar.

I truly wish that you enjoy your jur~nee, and many Crystal Blessings.

You can purchase your very own jur~nee jar here in the online shoppe. 
*Please Note: style of glass jar will vary depending on availability

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