Questions, Questions, Questions ….

If you are new to the world of crystals, crystal healing or the concept of crystals having metaphysical properties – well, it can be a bit confusing at first.   Many people come to me looking for some sort of rule book, or wanting to know “is this the right way?” or “is this the wrong way”? when it comes to creating crystal grids.

I’m happy to say, there isn’t!  The concept that crystals have energy is not new, and the methods for working with crystals for positive energy and healing has evolved over centuries, but much stays the same.  If you feel drawn to crystals, or just want to incorporate them into your life, (similarly to buying a bamboo plant for a new house for good luck, or carrying a lucky coin), you simply just need to bring them into your home, carry them on you, or keep a few at work.

If you want to take it to the next step, there are some commonly agreed upon ways that crystal healers, Reiki workers, practitioners of Feng Shui and others, use crystals to enhance meditation, bolster positive thought,  bring positive energy to ones environment, and increase the positive outcome of manifesting ones desires.

I have outlined some of these methods for working with crystals on the pages you can reach from the menu on the left (and also above) called “Crystals & Grids”.  I am always adding information and fine-tuning this information based on questions I am asked,  so grab a cup of coffee (or herbal tea :), and browse if you like!

Sending lots of crystal energy,

– Debbie