Using Copper with Moonlight

Copper Pyramids, Copper Spheres and Copper Nuggets

  • Copper Pyramid – I have used a copper pyramid set in places that receive sunlight and moonlight to “cleanse” & re-tune my crystals for over 15 years.  Copper is a very useful metal for metaphysical purposes.  It is believed that copper can carry crystal / stone energies similar to a copper wire carrying electricity.  You can place your crystals in a copper pyramid (we add selenite, kyanite, citrine and clear quartz crystals also) and let them rest there for a full day and night.
  • If you have a copper sphere you could arrange your crystals in a circle near a window around the sphere, or even place them together in a bowl or on a grid with the intention of retuning your other crystals.
  • You can also place copper nuggets in a circular pattern  near a window around any crystals you are re-tuning.  I sometimes alternate selenite sticks or tumbled stones between the copper as an attractive and effective alternative.