Cleansing with Salt or Saltwater

Sea Salt & Saltwater Methods

Although I have found that using Salt or Saltwater to cleanse stones is very frequently suggested, I do not use this method in most instances myself.  Fragile crystals, and crystals with a high metal or water content, or porous crystals are not good candidates for this method of cleansing (for example, angelite, halite, sylvite, any type of selenite, azurite, carnelian, labradorite, lepidolite, moldavite, turquoise, calcite, opal, pyrite, lapis lazuli).  Salt and Saltwater, although effective cleansers can be harsh when put in direct contact with fragile crystals.

There is one method using Salt and Saltwater that I do recommend, and that I use myself, that I call the Salt Pillow method.  This involves placing your crystals in a bowl that is placed within a separate bowl of Sea Salt (never table salt) or Saltwater.

You will need:

  • Two bowls of graduated sizes and not made of metal or plastic
  • Enough sea salt (or saltwater) to fill larger bowl about 1/4 to 1/3 high
  • Crystal for cleansing

Pour your Sea Salt into the larger bowl.  Place the smaller bowl in the center of the salt with your crystal sitting inside the smaller bowl. This creates a “salt pillow” for your crystal to rest on during its cleansing.  *You may use Saltwater (actual saltwater, not tap water mixed with table salt) in the place of Sea Salt.  Using this method you should allow more time for your crystals to be cleansed (2 or more days).

* Many crystal healers will recommend to use Sea Salt diluted in water.

Place your “salt pillow” in the sunniest room in the house and keep your window shade open so moonlight will also be directed onto your crystal.  Let your crystal cycle through the cleansing process at least a full 25 hours.  As you are moving through the above steps above, remember to focus your intent on the task at hand.