Cleansing your Crystals with Water


Using Water to Cleanse or Re-Tune your Crystals

There are several schools of thought on the use of water to cleanse or re-tune crystals.  Many agree that only naturally running water, such as water from a spring, should be used.  Some feel that tap water is perfectly fine, and others do not use water for cleansing in any instances.  You can even give your crystals a nice shower in the rain, although others are concerned about what may be in the rain water.  You will read that soaking crystals for long periods of time is the way to do it and others will say only run the water over the crystal.

Like all the other methods  you will need to follow your intuition to see what feels right for you.  Please keep in mind that some crystals may not be tolerant of a good soaking in, or any contact with water, even for a short dip!  This list includes, but is not limited to, halite, selenite, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise,  any form of calcite, celestite, or porous crystals such as azurite.

I run water over many, many of my polished tumbled stones to re-tune them.  During my studies of crystals I learned that running water over crystals works very well to clear stones that are not harmed by water.

I do make sure that they are completely dry when finished!