Cleansing Crystals with Organic Brown Rice


Organic Brown Rice Cleansing Method

Although not as popular there are some crystal healers that find this method very effective.  One positive aspect of using this method is that it is safe for virtually all types of crystals.  One need not be worried if you are cleansing crystals that contain metal elements, are sensitive to water or salt, or are porous.

You will need:

  • A bowl large enough to hold your crystal, not made of metal or plastic.
  • Organic brown rice.
  • Your crystal to be cleansed.

Fill your bowl with the organic rice.  Make sure there is enough rice to completely “submerge” your crystal or object to be cleansed (*some crystal healers feel laying the crystals on top of the rice is sufficient).  Wait a full 25 hours before removing your crystal (*here again, some crystal healers feel a shorter amount of time will do).   As you are moving through the above steps above, remember to focus your intent on the task at hand.

You may also wash your hands with Sea Salt water as outlined in the directions on Smudging your crystals.