Crystal Dragonfly Glossary

just so you know what I mean as you navigate around my writings

  • Affirmation – a powerful, clear, short statement.  An assertion of something that when said aloud you are declaring that affirmation to be true.   I believe that just as we can sabotage ourselves by flooding our sub-conscious and conscious thoughts with negative thinking, we can improve ourselves and achieve or manifest our goals by using affirmations.   Read about using Affirmations here.
  • Charging / Energizing – basically making an energy connection with your crystal and in a sense waking it up to so it is fully ready to work with you.  In a sense “charging” it like a battery.  * For me personally, the crystals may need re-tuning to get back to their peak resonance, but I don’t feel it’s quite like charging as I was taught in the past.
  • Cleansing – this is clearing your crystals of any negative energies.  * I am more inclined to follow that crystals need to be re-tuned sometimes, but not that they actually need to be purged of negative energies.
  • Crystals – this includes gemstones, tumbled stones, points, carved pieces, polished pieces, nuggets, minerals, rough pieces, and stones.  Usually when I am referring to crystals it includes any or all of these.
  • Crystal Grid – this is the actual placing of any of your Crystals in a geometric pattern (I will be adding a page on Sacred Geometry this week).
  • Crystal Grid Base or Crystal Grid Layout or Crystal GridPlatform – this is different than a crystal grid.  A grid is made up of only crystals set up in a pattern.  I use the terms base, layout or platform, sometimes interchangeably, to indicate I am placing my crystal grid upon something other than a tabletop.  For instance, I almost always arrange my crystal grids on a tile, slate, wood block, or a slab of selenite or quartz.  I would refer to these items as a base or a platform.  If I am arranging my crystals on a piece of fabric, a paper drawing or some other flat object I would refer to this as a layout.  These are just terms that I use, so as you are reading my information on crystal use you’ll have a better understanding of what I personally am referring to.
  • Initiating / Programming – There are several different schools of thought on this  and many crystal workers “initiate” or “program” their crystals.   Some crystal healers believe that once a crystal has been programmed it will always emit energy towards that specific intention until it has been cleared.   I do not follow this and believe that the crystals already “know” what their purpose is and I use intention and Affirmations to work with crystals to manifest a desired outcome.
  • Intention –  You can think of this as letting the the crystal(s) know how you want to work with its energies.    Once you focus your intention on the crystal you can feel confident that you’ve sent your need/desired outcome out to the universe,  or your higher power depending on your beliefs, and then have faith that the best outcome that is meant for you will become reality.  I believe that crystals, like so many other things around us, are a tool or a method for us to achieve our goals and improve ourselves.

Now for a picture since all that was an awful lot of reading!

Labradorite Pebbles
Beautiful, Iridescent Labradorite Pebbles