The Four Elements of Crystal Connection


  • CRYSTALS – The First Element – There is just something about crystals.  They are intensely appealing, they draw you in, beckon you to touch them and to gaze at them.  I personally find focusing on a crystal much more relaxing than gazing at a fish tank or petting a dog (apologies to my little dog Cooper!), two activities that have been shown to relax and de-stress us.

  • RITUALS –  The Second Element – I am a firm believer in rituals.  A ritual can be making a cup of tea to calm yourself down.  Or, taking a bubble bath to relax, or listening to a certain song if you need cheering up.  If you create a routine where you complete a task or do a certain activity during times when you need motivation, or during times of stress or anxiety, these routines or “rituals” are great aids in self-healing and self-help.

  • AFFIRMATIONS – The Third Element – The power of Affirmations – Affirmations are a very powerful tool in helping us to reach our goals in life and to obtain peace and serenity when we feel our lives are chaotic.  Repeating an affirmation, or even just saying it once with focused intent is a very powerful tool to enhance our lives and to assist us in reaching our potential.

  • SACRED SPACE  – The Fourth Element – A sacred space could be considered to be part of the ritual aspect of working with crystals, but I feel it’s important enough to be considered the fourth element.  We all need a sacred space.  Somewhere we go to get a moment’s peace or to reflect on something important or concerning to us.  Sometimes you create a sacred space simply by closing the bedroom door and taking a moment to breathe.  

    But taken a step further, enhancing this concept to create a sacred space that has a special meaning to us multiplies the benefits to us ten-fold.  Creating your personal sacred space, even if it is simply one shelf in a closet, is a valuable asset in working with your crystals.