Grid Layout Examples and Diagrams


If you need some ideas to get going – here are some examples of crystal grid layouts you can start off with. Or, start off with the Crystals & Grids section on the main menu. You can also visit our shop if you are interested in hand painted grid bases, tumbled stones or crystal energy grid sets.
You can use the layouts below as a guide. Place your crystals on a table or base of some sort (i.e. a square of fabric, a plate, a crystal slab) or right on your night table or dresser. You can set up a grid anywhere. Remember to carefully move them – they tend to like to slide off trays, slabs and grids!

You can use as few or as many crystals as you like. There is no set number needed to make a crystal grid.

Symmetry is good! Use the colored dots as a guide on the colorful diagram in the middle row of pictures above. You can start out by using using all the same type of crystals on the green dots, all the same for the yellow dots and so on to make it simple.

You can also place a selenite or kyanite stick on the orange bars if you have them. But be creative, follow your intuition, both with choosing your crystals, and how and where you you set them up.

Using a Crystal Point or Your Intent to Activate & Connect the Crystal’s Energies

Once you have set up your crystals, you can use your intent to create a synergy of each of the crystal’s energies in your grid. Just imagine them as all being connected and working together towards your stated goal.

Use a crystal point, usually a clear or other type of quartz, to connect the energies of the crystals in your grid by taking the point and connecting each crystal (you do not need to actually touch the point to the crystals), beginning and ending with the same stone. Always start your connection and end it with the same crystal so you are sure you have included them all. Do not forget to connect each crystal in the grid to the center crystal. if you have placed a stone in the middle of your grid.

The most common way of describing this method of activating your grid using a crystal point or wand, is to follow the arrows in the diagrams as if you are cutting slices of pie. If you don’t have a point or wand you can use your intention to activate your crytal grid. This is done with your intent by seeing the connection of each and every crystal in your mind’s eye. (You can visit the glossary for definitions on how the word “intention” is used here, and other terms you may have read on previous pages).


Think of your crystal grid as a gateway, portal, or entry point
through which your affirmation, positive energy or desired goal is sent out
to manifest in the best way possible, and it its own time.