Choosing your Crystals & Rituals for Combining the Four Elements of Crystal Connection

Integrating the Four Elements
Taken altogether, for me, the Four Elements create an approachable core template for working with crystals.  

Before doing anything else think about your motivation, desire or goal.  This will influence which crystals you use, the method you choose, and what other elements you will incorporate.  For instance, if you desire to simply relax and de-compress after a long day you may choose to simply go into your sacred space and just unwind.  If you have a goal or worry that you want to focus or work on, you may create a grid using crystals associated with metaphysical properties that are commonly used to achieve that goal.  If you are away from home you may have a personal amulet stone or crystal pouch that you carry with you as a reminder of an affirmation that you are focusing on, or that is important to you.

First Element – Choosing your crystals – 
There are many resources available to determine the metaphysical properties associated with crystals.  You can choose crystals that are commonly used for a certain result or outcome, but you can also use crystals that have an energy that resonates with you.  Intuition is very important here and following what feels right to you is key.  You may use one crystal or a combination of crystals set out in a pattern based on sacred geometry, crystal healing practices or whatever is visually appealing to you to begin.

Second Element – Rituals – 
A ritual in this case is a series of steps you take that automatically can put you in a certain frame of mind, or evoke certain emotions.  When my daughter is upset, I’ll tell her to make a cup of tea.  Making a cup of tea is a ritual and reminder in our home that things may change, in our control and out of our control, but the steps involved in making that cup of tea are simple, basic, and for us, evokes a feeling of calm.

For meditation, focused affirmation, or decompressing after a long day, using a combination of all, or any, of the following items can help you develop your own personal ritual when working with crystals.

  • Burning incense or using a scented oil burner
  • Dab on an essential oil in a scent that relaxes or pleases you, or evokes a happy memory
  • Creating or using a grid or layout with crystals
  • Using candles instead of, or in addition to, dimmed lighting.
  • Preparing an affirmation that you want to focus on
  • Preparing a sacred place, or using one that you have already prepared
  • Drink a cup of herbal tea before working with your crystals to relax the body
  • Choose a scarf, cloth, or bowl that you will always use as part of your ritual
  • Familiarize yourself with the metaphysical properties of the crystals you choose to use
  • Hold a worry or palm stone for a few moments each time before you begin your focus on your crystals
  • Taking a bath before you begin

Try different things to set a mood where you can relax and unwind.  Your ritual can be fluid – it can change based on your mood and what your current needs are!