Using Sound Acoustics or Vibration to Re-tune your crystals

The internet is filled with information on cleansing crystals.  Years ago when I was first introduced to the world of crystal energy I searched and studied about crystals and continue to do so today.  The word “cleansing” is used to describe various methods to clear crystals of negative energy.  I subscribe to the thinking that rather than the crystals absorbing negative energy like a sponge, it is more that their frequency or inherent vibration can get muddied or bogged down making them less effective than when they are at their peak resonance.

My process for getting my crystals back into peak shape (although over time they will return to their optimum levels on their own) is by taking advantage of sound vibrations or sound acoustics.  It is a wonderful way to rather than cleanse, but to re-tune your crystals.  I use tuning forks or a singing bowl each time new crystals come in, or when I think they need to be re-tuned.   I still continue to smudge and use water, and I always keep the crystals in a pyramid charger overnight and after or during the times they are re-tuned.

I was introduced to this method in my one of my crystal healer classes and this method resonates most powerfully for me.  Use your intuition to see which method works best for you and what you feel will bring you the best results.  If you want to try sound acoustics you can pick up a tuning fork locally or through Amazon and give it a try.  🙂