Combining the Four Elements – Sacred Space


Element 4 – Sacred Space

Setting up a personal space to focus on affirmations or meditating with your crystal mediation grids is a good practice.  A Sacred Space need not be always located in the same location, although much of the time it is.  It can also2015-09-10 11.18.35 be created by bringing those elements that represent your sacred space to you to a new location, or wherever you happen to be at the time.  This can be accomplished by carrying a personal amulet or crystal pouch, or a personal crystal medicine bag.2015-09-10 11.18.28

You may have an area of your home already set up for you to use as a sacred space, or you may create one by using certain items that you associate with your own sacred space.  These items may be special crystals, or a permanent Crystal Meditation Grid, a picture that evokes feelings of happiness or peace for you, a scent, incense or essential oil, that you associate with peace and harmony, or music that you find pleasing or relaxing.

One example of this is a child’s special stuffed animal or blanket.   Each of my children had a special blanket given to them from birth that they slept with and would hold tightly when they were tired, feeling sick, or upset.  I know if we misplaced “the blankie” it was panic time, especially if we were away from home.  It didn’t matter where they were at the time, if they had their “blankie” they were creating a “sacred space” which would help them to become calm, soothe themselves and find balance.

Some suggestions for setting up your own personal space:

  • Pick a quiet spot.
  • Surround yourself with pictures, crystals or other items that are important to you or give you a sense of peace, calm or happiness.
  • Set up a specific location to place the items that are important for your sense of peace, relaxation and harmony.  If you feel a connection to the sea, include jars of sand, sea shells and abalone.  Bring in plants, rocks or driftwood to create a connection to nature.
  • Find a scent or fragrance that you associate with a feeling of calm and serenity.  Use candles, incense, oil burners or essential oils to help create the atmosphere you are looking for.
  • Have a comfortable place to sit.
  • Lighting is important – your sacred space can either be in a very sunny part of the house, or a room that has less light, as long as it is comfortable to you.
  • Add Himalayan salt lamps to create atmosphere and to bring negative ions (which are beneficial) into your space.
  • Create a blessing bowl or affirmation bowl to keep your affirmations in.  Keep a pen, pencil or marker handy with the type of paper of your choice nearby.
  • Find a container, box or chest to keep all the items that you will need when you are ready to meditate or relax.  Keep items such as your incense, essential oils, special crystal,  pens, paper, or matches in this box.
  • Use scarves or pieces of velvet or other fabrics to create a “nest” or “pillow” for the crystals that you want to focus on, or set up a grid that you always have set up in this spot to continuously bring positive energy to your sacred space.
    copper pyramid with crystal grid on sacred geometry tile - sacred space
    One of my copper pyramids over a crystal grid on a sacred geometry tile

Carry a personal amulet pouch or crystal medicine bag for when you are away from home.  You can keep crystals that you are drawn to in this pouch, or a set of  chakra crystals, and even place your written affirmation in it.  I recommend, if the pouch is big enough, to include one larger tumbled polished crystal, palm stone or worry stone that you can hold in your hand whenever you have a few moments.