January Lunar Trifecta! Super Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon
January Lunar Trifecta! Super Moon, Blue Moon, Blood Moon

Wow, time gets away from me for sure!

This week is a great time to bathe your crystals, elixirs, oils, and any other pieces in your personal collections in some of this super powerful lunar energy!  Last night was a super moon (which is the time when the Moon is closest to the Earth), a blue moon (when we have two full moons in the lunar cycle!) and a blood moon (the Moon pass through the Earth’s shadow and the Earth’s shadow is going to cause the moon to appear a deep red color) as this morning there was a total lunar eclipse!

For the next week or so I will be keeping my personal crystals either outside or in a bay window, I will be doing readings as often as I can by candle and moonlight and I am looking forward to taking several moments in quiet reflection to consciously soak up this powerful lunar energy during this time.

A great visualization to help restart, refresh and reaffirm goals is to visualize the strong and powerful energy radiating down through you and illuminating every cell in your body as you bask in its light.

With Love and Light,


A powerful Celestial Treat
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