Happy Monday! I actually took the day off yesterday and we went up to TAMU (Texas A&M University) to see my daughter. The weather was absolutely perfect, as you get closer to College Station you see Longhorns, regular cows (not sure what a regular cow is called), enormous ranches with pigs, donkeys and goats. And best of all (almost) TREES! Not palm trees – the real thing!

It was the first day I really felt relaxed since my Dad died last month and was much needed!  I feel renewed and peaceful and really ready to tackle all the projects connected to the crystal biz, and all the upcoming trips everyone seems to be taking in the near future!

So I woke up today and felt very excited about everything.   At 2pm today I am going to meditate with citrine and crazy lace agate and will put together a grid with them.  For happiness, joy & laughter.  I hope all of you can find 15 mins to just “be” – if you have citrine or crazy lace or any others you feel drawn to I encourage you to find the time for 15mins of gratitude meditation – if you can’t find the time today then I’ll be sending waves out to all of you who have been on this fabulous journey with me of crystal goodness 🙂

I’m posting a few pictures of Daisy – I do think I may have crossed the border into crazy cat lady land – there was a time when I simply could not understand why anyone would put clothes on a pet.  I sort of still feel that way and then here I am dressing Daisy up with a dress and wishing I had bought the matching rhinestone bow to go with it.  And to top it all off, I have been eyeing this cat stroller – I haven’t bought it but I have it bookmarked 😉

Something for me to ponder I suppose ……. enjoy the pics!

Daisy the Aggie Kitty shows off her new dress – have I entered crazy cat lady land?
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