Crystal Dragonfly Blue Kyanite Gem Card
Blue Kyanite Gem Card

For those of you who have been with me for a while you’ll remember the crystal cards Keith and I are working on. We’re still working on them but we need either an investor, or time to save up for the initial printing. They’re still in the works and I really love them! 

Apatite Crystal Gemcard
Crystal Dragonfly Apatite Gemcard

I have so many ideas and projects in mind but have found time to be in short supply lately! I also started a Crystal Dragonfly candle project and I am getting closer to that ever exciting launch 🙂

Here’s the scoop!

These are soy candles, with cotton wicks and true essential oils, not artificial fragrance. The holders are being made for me by the same couple that make the pottery mugs that I offer. The mugs are amazing, the glazes are vibrant, each one is unique and each one has a gemstone or crystal set into the handle.

I asked them to make a “mug” shaped candle holder with a handle to pair with the soy candles . We’re working on getting a dragonfly on the front of some, and down the road a flower of life image on others. Each piece is Reiki charged and the highest quality quartz clay and glazes are used to maximize the vibrational frequencies.

I want to start with 4 scents/intentions. One will be Lavender with Amethyst for calming. I am working on the other 3 and would love it if you take the time to answer the poll on my Facebook page located here:

Quartz Clay Mug with Amethyst & Lavender Essential Oil

I will also launch a Kickstarter to help finance the initial production of the candles. Each “donation” receives a different gift from us depending on what level you donate. Once I have it launched I’ll post the link for every one 🙂

Now off to work on adding the poll to the Facebook page.

Enjoy, be well and many ~crystal blessings~


Yay – closer to making our candles a reality!

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