I have 4 cats and 2 dogs and I love them all. ¬†They are with me all day every day and I like to believe that they know what they can bat around the house and what they can’t ūüöę. ¬†The youngest two are a black stray we rescued and a fluffy ragdoll that my youngest son fell in love with – they are best buddies and sleep together, play all day and tease and torture (in a good natured way, I think) the older cats and dogs.¬†ūüź∂

All my animals are useMorrighan the catd to being around the crystals and are pretty adept and walking across my long pieces of furniture without knocking anything over by accident.  Umm, they like to knock some of the pieces around on purpose though!  The cats find something and the dogs sit below with bated brea

Morrighan paw over crystal
Morrighan holding her paw over a cluster

th waiting for Henry or Morrighan to knock something off a surface so they can grab it and run!

I have noticed something different about my two 9 month old cats though РHenry likes to lie on  tumbled stones.

This week he “adopted” a citrine sphere and even used it as a “pillow” when he wasn’t sitting on it like a proud momma duck!

And Morrighan will very gingerly¬†walk among the crystals on the table I use to take the pictures. ¬†She will pause over any that she is very interested in, and she’s started to hold a paw over the ones she is most interested in. ¬†I thought I was imagining it until tonight when I was setting up a picture of an amethyst flower cluster and turned around for a minute to see her holding her paw, moving it ever so slightly over the cluster. ¬†She’s a very interesting cat – she doesn’t meow – she chirps like a bird, and she will jump on the counters and¬†tap my arm with a paw when she wants me to pick her up. ¬†Needless to say she’s very entertaining and sweet, and different than any other cat I’ve ever had.

Enjoy the pictures of the Morrigan & Henry Рall our animals bring so much joy to our house!

Henry on Cluster 1b
Henry lounging on a pointy amethyst cluster

With love and light and wishes for a happy and joyful week to you all …



Morrighan the Cat

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