Creating a crystal grid
Manifesting with Crystals

I get a lot of emails!  I also get a ton of private messages on Facebook!  I have noticed recently that several people have written to me and mentioned that they are “new” to crystals and not quite sure how to use them but that they are very drawn to them.

I find holding tumbled stones and other polished pieces very soothing.  I also like to place them around me especially in places where I spend a lot of time.

You can set up a crystal grid by simply placing a combination of tumbled stones, rough and/or polished pieces in a symmetrical pattern.  Think about your intention and you have set up your grid!

You can make a more elaborate grid if you like, or add other elements to it including essential oils, dried flowers/herbs, charms with meaning for you, Sacred Geometry imagery or other items that are meaningful to you.

Here’s how I see it 😊

Picture the layers of cake as different elements.

  1. Let’s say the first layer is a handful of tumbled stones. These stones have crystal energy.
  2. The 2nd layer is an image of the Flower of Life. This adds the power of Sacred Geometry.
  3. The 3rd layer is a blend of essential oils sharing their powerful nature essence.
  4. The 4th layer is a written affirmation. This works with the law of attraction and helps to set your intention with simplicity and clarity.
  5. The 5th layer is a carving, token, charm, or picture representing your goal or intention.
  6. The 6th layer is significant colors or fragrances that have meaning pertaining to your intention. For instance, green is used many times for abundance, purple for intuition, blue for communication.  You can include a green piece of paper for an abundance grid, yellow daffodils for joy, a blue button for communication, any item that has meaning for you will add another powerful layer to your crystal grid.

These 6 layers bring their own energy to your intention.  Their unique energies complement one another and work with the Law of Attraction to help you manifest your intention or goal.

Create a layout on any flat surface.  You can place your arrangement on a “layout” such as a picture, hand drawn drawing, a piece of fabric, a tile or wood base or any other object that calls to you.  Use as many or as few different elements as you like.

Try to keep to a geometric pattern with the largest crystal in the center as your focus stone and a short and direct affirmation or intention, either or written or spoken, is a nice added touch to your manifestation grids 😊

The icing on the cake is your intention – your focus on your manifestation holds it all together!

It’s as easy as cake!

Manifesting with Crystals? Easy as Cake!

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