It was nice for a change to have some sunshine streaming in through the windows.  A nice break from some of the big storms we’ve been having.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of the website and shoppe.  I don’t mind working the insane amount of hours that I do, except it takes me from Keith and the kids far too often.  I am lucky in that they are willing to pitch in and much of our “family time” has turned into everyone trying to help me unpack shipments, pack orders, and basically keep the house running.

I do have some decisions to make going forward – I’ve been sitting on the fence and putting off thinking about them so my card pull this morning was very telling.  I pulled my Lenormand card first and there it was in my hand – No. 22 Crossroads.  At first I was apprehensive, I know this means I have to make some choices and cannot keep putting them off.  I also pulled two wordstones from my satin bag and received Abundance and H2016 Apr 28 Blog Crossroads 4appiness.

At first I thought, oh no, does this mean one choice (focusing on the business side of my crystals) means abundance and the other choice is happiness (cutting my hours in half and focusing on my family, and well, actually sleeping sometimes ).  Does it mean if I follow a certain path I can have both, that if I follow my intuition and make certain choices, happiness and abundance can go hand in hand in the future?

I have taken something I love and it’s grown into something I never imagined.  But there is a cost and I am examining how I can have both, time for me & my family and time to bring crystals to all the amazing people that visit my pages and website.

So I am 2016 Apr 28 Blog Crossroads 6at a crossroad, and I do have choices to make.  But I have been procrastinating about how to move forward, and have not allowed myself to take the time to really think about what changes / choices I have to make to move forward.

Crossroads can mean there is another option or way that maybe you haven’t considered, or that you are at an impasse and need to make a decision and choose a path.

I created a grid this morning that I feel encompasses what I need to help me find my path.  I will meditate and contemplate with it this weekend and search for the answers.  I chose azurite for new perspectives and making decisions, amethyst for decision making and intuition, angelite for guidance from my angels, and clear quartz points pointing inwards to bring the energy in.

After considering all the possible meanings my card and crystals could have for me I decided that I am going to take some time, and think about the options and paths in front of me so I can get on the road that I need to be on.  I feel motivated to do so now, and excited about the future …… it’s in the cards 🙂2016 Apr 28 Blog Crossroads 5

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