Ahhhh, I love card readings.  I love pulling cards period.  Whether for myself or someone else I love that moment of anticipation right before I choose one, and right before I turn it over.  Today I decided to do a three-card layout with my Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards.

  • The first card that goes on the left talks to your current situation or circumstances (before I started I focused on a large quartz point and thought about what is happening now that I would like some guidance on).
  • The second card which goes in the center describes your emotional state or what’s going on with you, so to speak.
  • The third card, in the right position addresses possible challenges you are facing or things that you will need to overcome.

    Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card - Impatience
    Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card – Impatience
  • From left to right I pulled Impatience, Perfection, Perception.

First Card:  Soooo, Impatience.  In a literal sense, yes, I have been impatient.  Mostly with myself since I have all these plans and goals and I am frustrated at the time it takes to get things done!  But this card is also telling me that things happen and come to you at the right time and by pushing myself and trying to make things happen sooner is not a good way to move forward.  Actually, by doing that I won’t move forward at all.  Some things can be set in motion and they need time to percolate and progress at a different speed than I may like and I will get a better outcome if I stop pushing so hard perhaps.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card - Perfection
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card – Perfection

Second Card:   Perfection.  Hmmm, another card that taken literally is probably right on the money.  I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and can expect the same from others which can result in a negative situation.  My need to have everything “just so” is also a hindrance to moving forward.  Having more appreciation for what is working well and taking stock of the progress I’m making can help temper the impatience I feel when I wish I was ten miles down the road and not still at the starting gate 🙂

I also need to stop pushing myself as burning myself out doesn’t serve anyone, including myself – so this is something I need to be mindful of as I go about my days!

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card - Perception
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card – Perception

Third Card: Perception.  This card can mean appreciation and a need to take stock and take care of those things that need taking care of.  Not putting it off or procrastinating, but having the perception to really see what you need to address and tackle those issues that need attention.

So I have my work cut out for me 🙂  and I am glad because if I really think about it when I put my mind to it and make those positive changes that I need to make I will feel better, be a better person, and have that wonderful sense of accomplishment that one gets when they do something good, or something that helps them to grow and be the person they want to be.

My reading will stay on my reading tableau so I can use it for contemplation, as a reminder, and a gentle guide to get me on the path I want to be on.

I really do love my cards ………………….

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Reading
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Reading
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Reading, Impatience, Perfection, Perception

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