I recently found a selection of goddesses after a wonderful lady in the Northwest asked me about them.   For almost two decades I have had arrangements, layouts, displays and a large assortment of crystals in every room in my house.  I always loved plates and grid bases and bowls but I never added items such as the goddesses I recently found.

Unpacking the boxes I received I found myself very drawn to these very different statues of women that boldly announced their femininity and strength as soFlower of Life Goddesses April 1 2016 don as I unwrapped them.  They made me think of my great-grandmothers (two were alive when I was born and I knew them very well), and grandmothers (one is still living and is 97), aunts and mother.  Each and every one of them had or have very strong personalities, raised families and had a huge impact on not only me, but my brother, cousins, nephews and my own children.

Looking at these statues I am reminded of all these amazing women in my life and the characteristics and traits they had that I aspire to.  Today I honor all of them.  And today I am having to say goodbye to one of them.  And very soon another.  That’s the hard part, and it does feel like my heart is breaking, but I look at my daughter and know the legacy she has and I am grateful she had the opportunity to know them during her lifetime.  This weekend I am going to celebrate the life of one the kindest, most loving and strongest women I have been so fortunate to know.

I will most likely choose one of these statues to keep as a reminder of all the things that this group of women Goddesses with moonstone and sunstonemean to me.  The rest will be sent out to all different places and I hope they bring something important to the people that were drawn to them.



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