I just finished an Angel card reading for someone and I feel really content.  Earlier today I had started refilling the pyramids with the new crystals that came in this week and they sparkled at me in the candlelight as I studied the cards laid out in front of me.  I did the reading on my coffee table in front of the fireplace, one of the places I have rows of pyramids set up for the new crystals.  It’s a lot of work to keep moving the crystals in and out of the pyramids now that I have so many but there is something satisfying about it so I find it has become one of my favorite things to do.  I anointed most of them with an anointing essential oil blend and the fragrance was wonderful.  I do my best thinking in front of the pyramids, and I think my readings are much clearer to me when I do them in this room.

After I finished the reading I sat on the floor and watched the candlelight reflecting off the beautiful crystals I had time to place in the pyramids today.  I added some hearts for someone who recently had surgery and some apache tears for a friend that recently lost her husband.  Sitting in front of all these pyramids makes me feel so connected to everything.  Past, present, future.  It’s all there in my head and a wonderful feeling.

Bloodstone Hearts under Copper Pyramid
Bloodstone Hearts under Copper Pyramid

I still have many more crystals to add tomorrow but I thought it would be nice to share with you what I found to be so wonderful this evening 🙂

Enjoy 🙂


The changing of the Pyramids

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