Wow, I woke up very early today as I had the honor of being asked to do an Angel Card Reading for someone who found me.  After I made my notes and pulled crystals I found it was the perfect time for me to do my daily card and crystal pull.  I admit, I was surprised at the results.  Still feeling a bit tired from my very hectic schedule and being pulled in about 752 directions I did not expect to pull the World card.  I also pulled pink stones, calming Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz.  The Rose Quartz was a word stone I pull from a large bag and the Rhodochrosite was a tumbled stone chosen the same way.  I do tend to pull these two crystals quite frequently.  What surprised me was not only pulling the World card, but also pulling it with the Word stone for Luck.  

The World card represents, for me, Oneness, feeling a part of the bigger picture, feeling that my path is in line with what the Universe has in store for me.  That part feels right, but it felt odd when I pulled it during a period when I feel “too” busy and a little bit rushed.  On the other hand I asked the card to tell me what I can expect today. And from that point of view I feel it means all will fall into place.  I will make the choices I need to make to connect, feel happy, feel accomplished and feel satisfied with the direction that I am moving towards.

The World also means for me a moment when I feel connected and at peace with my inner self and it has a very spiritual connotation for me.  Faith and 2016-Feb-20 10.40.34comfort in that the past happened the way it was meant to be, and faith that I can handle whatever the future holds in store for me.  

The Luck stone made me chuckle as I associate the Luck stone with small things. Something like finding a dollar bill in the dryer, or seeing there is enough dog food in the pantry so I don’t have to make an emergency run to the supermarket.  I have to say I am usually pretty “lucky” – as I find a lot of dollar bills in the dryer and there always seems to be at least one of something left when I need it 🙂

I placed the heart near the card because it represents Keith to me who is everything.  He makes my Universe one of happiness and I am so fortunate to have him to share everything with.  The quartz point was a gift from a friend who is going through struggles right now and my wish is to send her some of the happiness and positive energy that I have in my life and home to push away those negative energies that are causing her stress.

I hope all of you have a weekend with joy, happiness, and all the beautiful things The World represents.  Enjoy every minute that you can.

with love and light and wishes for the most abundant blessings,


The World, Rhodochrosite, and my Daily Reading

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