I woke up at 4:14am hoping it was at least 6am.  It wasn’t 🙂  So I starting doing one of the things that would guarantee I don’t fall back to sleep.  I decided to run down all the lists in my head of things I need to do, people I need to call, things I need to buy, etc.  I finally decided to get up and I thought it’s early and quiet and a perfect time to do a card pull.

I pulled a Lenormand card, Journal.

Lenormand card Journal
Lenormand card Journal

So, this is good!  I need to focus, I need to streamline, I need to keep on track.  I took the meaning of this card in the literal sense, book or journal, which tells me I need to streamline my lists, get focused so I can accomplish my goals without be overwhelmed by them.  I spent the last hour or so cleaning up my post it note mountain of reminders and organizing, somewhat, my mega to do lists.

I’m carrying rainbow fluorite with me today with a tumbled tiger’s eye.  I also have a Focus pouch on my desk made from lavender, chamomile, rooibos, and a focus gem elixir.

Rainbow Fluorite with Focus Sachet and Tiger's Eye
Rainbow Fluorite with Focus Sachet and Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye can be grounding, enhance your intuition and cement or anchor new information for recall later.   It’s also good for boosting confidence.  Rainbow Fluorite is not only great for students, but I find it helpful when I am trying to get organized and focused.  It helps with memory, retaining information, mental clarity and focus.

The sachet has a mixture of chamomile, lavender and rooibos, with an essential oil blend including grapefruit, geranium, frankincense, and helichrysum.  It’s a blend that I find uplifting and that I like to carry or have around me when I need to focus or really pay attention to things 🙂

I went into the crystal room and I found that I have at least 10 very beautiful rainbow fluorite palm/soothing stones and I made up some mini Focus sachets with a tiger’s eye in each one so I will put them in the shoppe for anyone who could also use a little mental clarity and focus 🙂

I am off to begin my focused day with, hopefully, lots of mental clarity!!

Focus, Tiger’s Eye, Rooibos & Frankincense

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