So I have been trying very hard to find a way to slow down a bit so I can a.) spend more time with my family (ie. doing laundry and cooking dinner for the most part), b.) study for my aromatherapy certification (I am quite behind at this point), and c.) sleep (I almost remember what that is).

I do force myself away from the computer some nights by 10pm (sorry to all of you whose messages I didn’t acknowledge after 10pm this week!) but it’s hard to do!

The plus side of this is that I have several requests for custom grids or crystal suggestions from some very nice people who have been waiting varying periods of time for me to get back to them so I now will be able to spend some quiet time thinking about their requests.  I also have been reinstating my practice of pulling cards each morning and evening if I am not too tired and writing the results in a journal.  I recently received some new tarot and Lenormand decks and I absolutely love them.  For Keith relaxing is laying on the couch and immediately falling asleep while watching Top Gear or a football game, for me, it’s working with my cards 🙂

Last night I walked away from the computer fairly early for me and pulled the “woman” card from one of my decks.  I used this card as a significator (0r to represent) someone that purchased some crystals from me this week and I surrounded it with some of the crystals that she will be receiving from me shortly.  I am working on a grid for her and I have been blocked, either from lack of sleep or time, or some other reason I can’t identify, so I did this to help me find the final pieces to her grid.  I intuitively pulled some word stones from a pouch and placed those on the silk mat with some copper and small crystal clusters to amplify, lit some candles around it and placed my favorite pyramid over it all.  It really was beautiful to look at and it was placed in a room with very high and large windows so it was in view of the moon all night.  For me, it was extremely peaceful to just “be” and focus on the grid in front of me.  I am almost ready to finish her grid and I hope she sees this post to see how beautiful and cohesively her crystals work together.

I’m still a bit tired, and I still feeling a bit rushed about all the orders that I need to pack this weekend so people get their crystals in a decent amount of time, but I am also happy and feel really peaceful.  I am so looking forward to tonight when I can work with my cards, crystals, and spend some time with my animals, Keith, and Jared, and I guess I’ll think about how I am going to cook for 11 people for the Superbowl on Sunday when I have really no plans to head out any time soon to the supermarket 🙂

with Love & Light & wishes for Happiness & Abundance,


Inspired by a Pyramid, a Card, and a Message

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