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It’s summer here in Texas.  I spent my summers on the beach, and I enjoy a sunny day (notice I didn’t say love, I am just one of those people that really likes rainy days and wearing sweaters and Uggs).  I have to say though, a sunny day on the Gulf Coast and a sunny day in New York or New Jersey are two different animals.   I think the summer here is triggering a major, massive episode of homesickness.   So is the lack of Italian food!  I am used to a pizza place every 10 feet and an entire aisle in the supermarket with a huge variety of pastas , sauces, olives,  etc.   If I liked Mexican food I’d be in heaven, but I am craving “real” pizza (no offense Texas) and homemade pasta from the small Italian eateries that were near where I lived.  I sat down yesterday and took stock – can sunshine and a craving for pizza actually be making me feel down?  How silly is that?  And then I thought, Triggers!  They’re triggers for reminding me of where I came from and it reminds me I am not there anymore, and man, do I miss it a lot right now!

So, last night I decided to turn it around.  I took stock of what I have here in my new home state.  And let me tell you the list is pretty darn long.  My youngest child gets to play outside most of the year.  I loved living in the woods with trees and bears and deer, I loved Times Square, Little Italy, Chinatown, and Broadway shows, but I have to admit I got tired of the snow, cold, ice, subways, and freezing rain.  And commuting into New York from New Jersey every day is no picnic.  My kids love it here, they miss “back home”, but they are thriving here.  We don’t live any longer on a lake, but we do live near the beach.  I miss the trees of the Northeast, but palm trees are pretty cool, and the nights here with this enormous sky are my favorite.  I miss my best friend, but we have made good friends and have good neighbors here.  I am lucky – I get to have both, my time there and my new adventures here.    I accept I miss the past and I am going embrace all the changes that came with the move to Texas.  I found a gift my husband gave me when we got engaged and decided to make a small grid on it and I wrote an affirmation about accepting the changes that came with our move.  I placed the grid in front of a picture of my kids to remind me that I am glad we are here, and they are glad we are here too.

I rubbed the porcelain claddagh (what I am using as a grid base) with an oil infused with black tourmaline (for grounding and to deflect negative energy).

I  placed a small piece of Moldavite in the center which is good to use with Smoky Quartz.  I find that the combination of the two help with dealing with heavy emotions and feeling weighed down.  Moldavite can also be inspiring and enhance the energy of other crystals.  It is also good to use when you are going through a transformation and making changes for the good.

Smoky Quartz for grounding since I was feeling a bit all over the place.  Amethyst and Chevron Amethyst are a favorite of mine for most grids.  They can bring serenity and peace of mind, and for most of the grids I create those are two qualities that are always beneficial.

The final stone I chose was Chrysoprase.  It is helpful for bringing a feeling of inner peace and security and honestly,  it just felt “right”.

If you are feeling weighed down or going through a change or transformation in your life and have any combination of these crystals, arrange them into a small crystal grid or place them into a personal medicine bag, and since I am all about affirmations, toss that into the mix too.  🙂

So there it is!  I love my new grid, like I love all my grids, now can someone bring me a real pizza??

A little bit blue and a big dose of homesickness

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