Wow – yesterday was busy, but Bill has headed North and all the threats that come with a tropical storm have passed and now all that is left to do is to put away the flashlights, bottled water, candles and other assorted emergency items until the next storm decides to blow in off the Gulf.

I decided to end the evening with a bubble bath and by giving myself an Angel card reading and a Crystal Pull.  My husband is out of the country on business and he was not well two nights ago, mentioning going to the hospital and that he had called the front desk to inquire about getting a doctor to come to the hotel at 1am, and he looked awful from what I could tell from our poor video connection.  It’s been weighing heavily on my mind because on top of knowing he was not well, it’s impossible for us to talk on the phone and trying to use Skype was not working – the audio and video would freeze up, the time difference is 8 hours and wondering how he was doing for long stretches of time was far worse than the worry that our house would float away in the storm.

He is doing better now, thank goodness, and will be able to fly home on schedule – no stay in the hospital and he has been eating a bit so I am relieved! So I decided to focus on his return and pulled one Angel card and one Crystal this evening.  It was Four of Fire and a Rose Quartz.  So perfect – a card that speaks to peace, harmony, happy family life and contentment.  And Rose quartz, a stone of love, nurturing and comfort.  They have a place of honor tonight  in my Sacred Space in my bedroom – surrounded by my special crystals and I think I’ll leave them there until my husband gets back – safe and sound 🙂

Four of Fire … a great way to end the evening

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