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I have lived through many blizzards, ran off the road after hitting a patch of black ice and have had a big portion of a tree come crashing through my front door because it was so laden with heavy ice, but tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, flash floods, and water spouts were all things that mostly happened somewhere else in my experience.  Since we’ve moved to the Gulf coast region of Texas our handy weather radio has had many opportunities to warn of us an imminent tornado (none came closer than two miles), flash floods (I know we have them nearby but I don’t leave the house when we’re having a storm), and thank goodness, no hurricanes since we’ve moved here.

Yesterday, with the tropical storm heading our way, numerous tornado warnings, buckets of rain and wind, I decided to refresh the hurricane bags,  make sure all loose objects were brought inside or secured, and set up flashlight and candle stations in the house just in case we lost power.  Going through these motions is actually usually comforting for me as it makes me feel empowered to know I can prepare us to get through whatever might happen, but yesterday I felt edgy and restless waiting to see if the storm caused more major havoc in our area.    I already have selenite in the rooms  in the “corners” of my house and I decided to make some protection pouches too.  For the kid’s rooms and downstairs and one in the big closet that is our “if a hurricane comes go there” room.  The pouches will stay put until this storm passes – and just so you know, we’re all good, just some flooding, lots of rain and wind, but it’s just a storm 🙂

Gathering crystals reminds me of when I am gathering herbs out back.  I see a sprig or leaf that just says “pick me” and I do and when I’m done I have a basket with a wonderful treat.  It’s the same with the crystals when I choose them.  It is one of my most favorite things to do – whether I am picking for myself or someone else – I really enjoy it 🙂

I decided on selenite, rose quartz, black onyx, rainbow fluorite and pyrite.  I wanted to combine protection crystals with those that encourage a connection with and protection from the Spiritual Realm, and that are calming and soothing during times of stress.

Selenite – can evoke protection from the Angelic Realm, dispels negative energy and it is calming and soothing, while bringing a sense of deep peace and tranquility.  You can use it in a grid around your home by placing it in a grid in select rooms of your house to create a peaceful and safe space.
Rose Quartz – is calming, reduces stressful feelings and brings a loving energy to its environment.
Black Onyx – is a powerful protection stone and helps prevent the drain of personal energy.
Rainbow Fluorite – has an energy that discourages the chaotic and disruptive while absorbing negative energy and stress.
Pyrite – is a shielding and protection stone protecting against all types of negative energy.  It has also been said to protect one from physical danger.  Pyrite is also considered a “lucky” stone.

Wow, when I started writing this it was pounding so hard outside with the wind and rain that it was making it hard to focus, and just one second ago the sun peeked through …. maybe the storm has finally passed 🙂

Protection Pouch & bottled water … my answer to Tropical Storm Bill

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