Before I even opened my eyes yesterday my mind was racing through not just what I needed to get done, but several separate lists of what I needed to get done!  6:33am and I am rushing out of bed to check on the tiles to see if they set up overnight, adding items to the grocery list, checking emails, getting ready to pack orders, thinking about what bills need to be paid, mental notes to call Mom, the Post Office, and the auto shop, pack orders, remember to feed my neighbor’s bird, find the documents my daughter has needed for days, etc.  Not earth shattering, the world will end stuff, but so many dozens of things to do, enough to make me feel a bit overwhelmed before I got out of bed.

So I thought about what I would say to someone else who woke up with this feeling of already racing to beat the clock before they even woke up.  I’d say “whoa, stop, none of this is unmanageable, take 5 minutes, get centered, then prioritize”.  That was sort of a mouthful, but probably close to what I would say to someone else waking up in a crazy, every minute counts, out of my way while I run around like a nut to do everything state of mind.

Then two things happened – my son came downstairs and still had a fever and all I wanted to do was sit with him to make him feel better and I looked outside and saw the sun.  No rain finally, just beautiful sun.  So I sat with him, and after he went into my bedroom to lie down, I decided to tackle the day.  I went into the crystal room and saw my pyrite sun quarters that I had put aside, not enough to offer in the shop, so I had put them aside into the ever growing “keep” box.  I took 4 of the sun quarters and within 5 mins I had my crystal grid.  Angelite, Amethyst, Pyrite Sun Quarters and a beautiful Quartz Polished Point.

7903175 430255 3682155

Grounding, Calm, Serenity, Angelic Guidance, Positive Energy.

Exactly what I needed to get through the day.  Did it work?  I believe it did.  I took the grid outside to take a picture for this blog, I brought it inside and set it up again on my work table and just sat and focused on it.  I didn’t let myself start working, or cleaning, or even think about those lists.  I just sat.  Five minutes.  Then tea, and then paper and pencil to write down the 5 topmost items I “had” to get done.  It’s taken me years to learn to do this.  It doesn’t come easily most of the time, and yes, it doesn’t work 100% of the time either.  But I do it, and the rewards when it all clicks are a better frame of mind, a better day, and a bit more peace and satisfaction in a day that would otherwise have been very hectic, chaotic and exhausting for me.  I suppose it’s a choice for me to decide to go with my personality which is to just hit the ground running, or decide to allow myself 5 or 10 minutes to not do anything and just get centered and clear.

This grid spent the day on my work table and it’s now on my desk where I can see it.   My mind is still racing with all the things I need / want to get done today – but I know I’ll get to most of it and I’m not going to be stressed about it, I’ll just get done what I can and most probably end the day feeling like I accomplished a lot.

So if you have a crystal, or two, or three, that you can make a small grid with, and take just 5 minutes or even just 2 mins – stop, sit, and regroup, and it can make all the difference in your day – that’s my little bit of dragonfly advice for the week 🙂

So I have my grid, my angelite in my pocket, Earl Gray tea and I am ready to tackle the day!


An Overwhelming Day – a very special grid

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