Humankind has been fascinated with the moon, sun, stars and heavens since the beginning.  The cool and mysterious lunar energy, the bursting and vibrant rays of the sun, and the magic of twinkling stars so far off captures our imaginations and envelopes us with their energy and power.

Getting Familiar with the Lunar Cycles

New Moon Phase – The moon is not visible as the side of the moon facing the Earth is not being lit up by the sun

Waxing Crescent Moon Phase – Less than half the moon is lit up. 


First Quarter Moon Phase – One half of the moon is lit up by the sun and that part is slowly getting larger.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase – Half the moon is lit and is still the lit part is gradually getting larger.

Full Moon Phase – The entire side of the moon that is facing the Earth is lit up.

Waning Gibbous Moon Phase – The moon is no longer completely lit up by the sun and the lit part of the moon is gradually getting smaller.

Last Quarter Phase – Half of the moon is lit up by the sun during this phase.

Waning Crescent Phase – A small part of the moon is still lit up by the sun.  The lit part is gradually getting smaller as we approach the phase of the new moon.

If you’ve read the section on layering energies you are already familiar with my approach to manifesting specific intentions and working with the law of attraction to bring about positive and beneficial change.  Try using the following suggestions based on folklore, tales, and other sources to add the layer of lunar energy to your crystal grids and positive affirmation work.

Crystal Dragonfly

New Moon Phase

This phase is a wonderful time to assess your dreams and goals.  It is a time to think of potential & new beginnings.  Work on ridding yourself of bad habits and working on new and positive behaviors.

Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

This phase is a good time to take stock of your friendships and other relationships.  Consider your goals and create affirmations or crystal grids to help you to manifest them into reality.  Call upon inner strength and courage to take that leap!

First Quarter Moon Phase

This is a time of commitment and a good time to work on your intentions of abundance, success, prosperity, and protection.  Evaluate any challenges that you are dealing with and have the confidence to listen to your inner voice.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase

Crystal grids and affirmations with the intentions to further your goals or with a focus on good health are perfect during this phase.  Visualize your goals in more detail now, fine tune them and try to see them more clearly in your mind’s eye.

Full Moon Phase

During this phase you may experience higher emotions or feelings of disquiet or upheaval.  Try to avoid high stress situations while engaging in positive activities during the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon. Rituals or grids with intentions for cleansing, healing and love are good during this phase.

Waning Gibbous Moon Phase

Create grids or affirmations with intentions relating to acceptance and patience during this phase. Try reflection and focus on regrouping, de-cluttering and cleansing rituals. 

Last Quarter Phase

During this phase create crystal grids, affirmations or rituals relating to overcoming obstacles or roadblocks to your goals.  

Waning Crescent Phase

Try putting together grids, affirmations or rituals to enhance meditation, healing, rejuvenating, relaxation, and to relieve stress, diffuse conflicts, and to deal with any chaos in your life at home or work.