Colored Standing Points round edges

Layering energies, one upon another, is something I completely subscribe to.  Fragrances from essential oils, herbs and dried flowers and plants, crystals, Sacred Geometry, other symbols with meaning, and also colors.

Colors, like fragrances, can evoke memories and certain feelings within us.  Using certain colors as a visual cue during focused manifestation, Affirmations, or meditation is another “layer” you can add to enhance the experience and help propel you to a desired outcome.

Colors have different frequencies and accordingly have different effects on us depending which color we are wearing, working with or surrounded by.  Linking with the frequencies of various colors can enhance our moods, and how we are feeling, especially when we choose colors related to our chakras (each chakra has a specific color assigned to it).

How to Use Color when working with Crystals

You can choose colors to create a crystal grid, such as green crystals for abundance, white crystals for cleansing and clearing intentions, black for protection, yellow for joy, and pink for love, instead of solely choosing them based on the crystals metaphysical properties.  you can add a layout that you either draw or find to print out with the same color, or use an altar cloth, or piece of satin or velvet to place your crystals on and match them with a candle corresponding to the color of the crystals you have chosen.

Alternatively, you can try putting together a crystal grid with a certain intent, and then choosing a candle to complement the grid based on the overall theme or intent of the grid.

Contemplate on how different colors make you feel and what adjectives you associate with them.  You can then use this intuitive exercise to help you decide which candle color, or color theme, or crystal colors to use for your contemplation, meditations, or crystal grid.

To help you choose by candle color, here is a “quick-start” guide to which colors you may like to use in general:

red roundRed – brings to mind power, energy, ambition, survival, passion and anger.  It is a commanding & stimulating color that demands attention, can make one feel empowered, can encourage one to take immediate action, & can elicit feelings of enthusiasm, passion and confidence.

Try using red for grids with intentions related to:  Root Chakra, power, passion, energy, ambition, strength, relationships, sex, vitality & courage.

orange roundOrange – brings to mind fun, warmth and energy.  It is connected with instinct, bliss and pleasure, and also nurturing of self and self-development.  It definitely is a “love it or hate it” color as it evokes strong emotions on either end of the spectrum as far as appeal-ability with most people.

Try using orange for grids with intentions related to: Sacral Chakra, to help with depression, to bring joy, to encourage one in social situations, energy, education, strength, attraction, stimulation

yellow roundYellow – brings to mind joy, sunshine, happiness, and like orange, fun!  It can be a cheery color and spark ideas and one’s curiosity, creativity and thought.  It can also boost your confidence and optimism.  It is a color for making decisions, new ideas and focus.

Try using yellow for grids with intentions related to: Solar Plexus Chakra, optimism, joy, happiness, creative thinking, jealousy, hope and for finding answers or solutions.

green roundGreen – brings to mind generosity, abundance, vigor, nature, the environment, transformation, renewal, fertility, health.

Try using green for grids with intentions related to: Heart Chakra, money, healing, harmony, balance, love, safety, and growth.  It is a color of hope, of right and wrong, newness, improving judgement, improving oneself, cooperation, compassion, teamwork, balance and cohesiveness.

Light Blue roundBlue (light) – brings to mind peace, harmony, cold, loyalty, truth, calm, reliability, tranquility, trustworthiness, and unity.  Blue is a calming color that reduces stress and symbolizes loyalty, sincerity, order, encourages mental relaxation, stillness, responsibility & trust.

Try using blue for grids with intentions related to: Throat Chakra, communication, truth, rest, intuition, exchanging of ideas with others, harmony, serenity, calm, and a peaceful environment.

indigo roundBlue (Indigo) – brings to mind many, or all, of the same qualities as lighter blue but is more intense in some ways.  It is associated with enhancing intuition, faithfulness, is calming during chaos, talks to integrity, stability and professionalism.

Try using indigo for grids with intentions related to: Third Eye Chakra, intuition, psychic abilities, enhancing awareness, connection to the higher realms, finding one’s path, insight, clarity and seeing the big picture.

indigo roundPurple (Violet) – brings to mind royalty, ceremony, wisdom, magic, luxury, enlightenment, power, ceremony, mystery, divinity, romance, originality, transcendence, spirituality and majesty.  This color symbolizes the union of body and soul and a connection between our spiritual and physical energies.

Try using purple for grids with intentions related to: Crown Chakra, spiritual awareness and fulfillment, psychic abilities, cosmic awareness, peace of mind, wisdom, power, sensitivity, humility, healing, reconciliation, purification, cleansing, transformation, compassion, improving mood, calming the mind, connection with others, connection with your higher self.

white round

White – brings to mind purity, neutrality, virginity, humility, precision, marriage, cold, truce, birth, perfection, new, cleanliness, unmarred, innocence, peace, impartiality, youth, reverence, fairness, encouragement, order, efficiency, awakening, amplification, new beginnings, a blank canvas.

Try using white for grids with intentions related to: peace, alleviating emotional upsets, mental clarity, new beginnings or change, cleansing and clearing mind and body, purifying and inner cleansing, moving in a new direction, de-cluttering your mind and surroundings, starting over with a clean slate, equilibrium, positivity, and clearing away obstacles.

black round

Black – brings to mind elegance, mystery, depth, grief, formality, sophistication, power, authoritative, sternness, the unknown, what is hidden, protection, a barrier, control, traditional, seriousness, refined.

Try using black for grids with intentions related to: protection from negative energy, or dispelling or ridding ones’ space of negative energy, self-control, safety, recharging, restful solitude, preparing for the unknown, mysterious possibilities, adventure, regeneration, riddance, transitions.

SILVER round

Silver – brings to mind grace, glamour, elegance, sophistication, determination, organization, high-tech, self-control, science, insight, purifying, modernity, fluidity, kindness, psychic abilities, meditation, hope, kindness, eloquence, stability, spiritual energy.

Try using silver for grids with intentions related to: transitioning from old to new, good intentions, increasing psychic awareness and abilities, meditation,  stability, refining personal traits,  putting your personal life into order, looking within.

meaning of the color gold

Gold – courage, extravagance, magic, illumination, wisdom, success, prosperity, power, majesty, wealth, prestige, well-being, enlightenment, tradition and generosity.

Try using gold for grids to overcome fear, to gain knowledge, attracting happiness, healing, career, abundance (along with green).

Color, Crystals, Essential Oils, Sacred Geometry, Dried Flowers & Herbs are someof the wonderful gifts
that we can use to help us to heal body and soul, transform ourselves and find the peace we are seeking.

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