Variscite – An excellent stone for meditation, it is credited with keeping one grounded and centered. It is a stone of calm and soothing energy. Can bring feelings of peace, serenity and harmony. Variscite is a popular stone to use to assist with past life work and to assist find self-acceptance. It’s vibrations calm and soothe the mind to allow for higher states of Logic, learning and reasoning are improved as a result of its calming and soothing vibrations. – calm, courage, communication

Vesuviante (aka Idocrase) – Encourages you to have the courage to make changes in your life and to listen to, and then follow your heart’s desire. A great stone for assisting one in their spiritual journey as it helps one overcome obstacles such as fears and phobias. It has the ability to help one to release the things that keep them from progressing down the path of their spiritual journey, including fears, hidden fears and phobias. In turn it will encourage you to make room for happiness and personal growth. – healing, integrity, personal power, intuition –


Wavelite – Aids with decision making, as it assists in helping one to have a broader perspective in all types of situations. Enhances lucid dreaming, stronger awareness of intuition and psychic dreaming. Is considered to be a good healing stone. – healing, intuition




Zoisite – Mainly associated with the Heart Chakra, it is considered to be good for strengthening the heart and increasing ones vitality. It aids with acceptance of what life brings us and to appreciate what is good. Zoisite can increase ones happiness while helping to extinguish ones fearfulness. It is also credited with helping one feel more energized. It is said to instill joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage, and it brings passion and fosters a zest for life. It is said to increase interest in sexual activity, treating impotency and frigidity. Crystal healers use it to improve circulation and quality of the blood, and heart disorders.

Zoisite with Ruby (Ruby Zoisite) – has all the metaphysical properties of Green Zoisite and Ruby. Increases the potency of one’s energy field, strengthening the etheric body and cleansing the astral body of negative attachments. It is a powerful healer of the emotional body, dispelling lethargy, releasing suppressed grief, and is said to help one to feel rejuvenated. It also aids with promoting the positive states necessary to support healing. Assists with issues to do with love, and supports states of passion while stimulating loving emotions.