A Little Bit about Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is ancient.  It is complex.  It is a belief system that in the past influenced and was found interwoven into many different cultures, civilizations and spiritual paths.  There is evidence of it in symbolism associated with major religions, and the ancient Egyptians, Greek and Mayan cultures, among others.  But, what is it?  One way to explain Sacred Geometry is to say it is an attempt at understanding the mathematical geometry and symmetry that occurs naturally in nature.  Or you could say it is an attempt to understand shapes and number sequences.  In Ancient times shapes and numbers had different symbolic meanings.  Some describe Sacred Geometry as a geometric blueprint and some describe it as the blueprint to life and creation.

Its basis are principles of the connection, inseparability and the union between us and everything in creation around us.  In a sense, our Oneness with the Universe.

In Modern times Sacred Geometry studies patterns, ratios and shapes that are found in the natural world such as those found in flowers, neurons, honeycombs, snowflakes, the shell of a nautilus, and atoms.  From Shamans to scientists there are many beliefs about Sacred Geometry and over the centuries, each different group has ascribed various meanings to numbers, patterns and shapes.

I think that one commonality between most of these varied groups is that geometry in nature exists and there is some level of energy or power associated with it.

I personally, am fascinated by Sacred Geometry and combine elements of it with crystal work.  I think it enhances my grids and lends an energy and symbolism that is absent without it.

The Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids are the shapes known to the Ancient Greeks as the repeating patterns which are the building blocks of life. Plato equated the Tetrahedon with Fire, the Cube (Hexahedron)  with earth, the Icosahedron with water, the Octahedron with air, and the Dodecahedron with the constellations and heavens.  Some say that these geometric shapes are instruments of dialogue between man and God, allowing us to find unity in natures diversity.

The Platonic Solids are considered to be the archetypical foundation of all forms.  They are believed to emit vibrations that are associated with sounds, colors, and nature’s elements.  They represent the basic structure of health.  The Platonic Solids contain all the major mathematical principles found throughout nature and the universe.  They are the building blocks of nature and linked to the Chakras.

Please see the photos below to see the shapes of these Platonic Solids.


  • Its element is Fire
  • It is a symbol of willpower, courage, passion and self-confidence.  
  • It is related to the Power of Creation. 
  • It’s function is – Manifestation, increases vitality and stimulates action.

Hexahedron or Cube:

  • Its element is Earth 
  • It is a symbol of stability, structure, productivity, and sensuality.  
  • It is related to safety, security, grounding, self-confidence.
  • Its function is – Grounding and brings material consciousness .


  • Its element is Air
  • It is a symbol of mental power, inspiration, and new beginnings.
  • It is related to the Law of cause and effect
  • Its function is integration and balance of the spiritual and material realms.


  • Its element is Spirit
  • It is a symbol of wholeness, divine connection, completion.
  • It is related to the responsibility of decision and spiritual consciousness.
  • Its function is Spiritual evolution, clearing of energy, linking to the spiritual.


  • Its element is Water
  • It is a symbol of emotions, dreams and intuition.
  • It is related to the flow of change
  • Its function is Transformation, movement, flow and change.