Wow, today has been a great day 🙂  I am always super busy, and feel like I can’t catch up, but sometimes I get to stop and realize that I LOVE WHAT I DO all day 🙂

I really do.  Today I finished making the herbal sachet bags for the Raven Protection Collection.  I honestly just thought I would offer one and maybe someone would feel drawn to the collection.  I was very surprised at the several orders for them that came in so quickly.  The set has a lot of components so it’s taken about two weeks to gather what I need for several sets, but finally, all is here, each piece has been placed in a pyramid, and is now with the rest of the pieces in the collections.

The last part was to do a final mix of the herbal / essential oil protection pouches.  Using a marble mortar & pestle I ground up a little extra bay leaves and dried basil from my backyard to add to the patchouli leaves, added a few extra drops of black tourmaline protection anointing oil and made a dozen pouches to go with the Raven collections.  And I loved every minute of it.

Soon all these pouches will be somewhere else to be enjoyed and used and hopefully treasured.  How great is that?  I am still super busy and have about another 8 hrs of work ahead of me, but the last hour has been fun, fulfilling and rewarding.  I feel blessed and fortunate and love days like today!

Crystal blessings and many wishes for abundance, good health, happiness and joy!


Loving the new Raven Protection Herbal Pouches 🙂

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