Keith’s on a plane right now on his way home after a week in Massachusetts for work.  I am so so so excited.  And lucky, that I get so so so excited that my husband is coming home.  We used Facetime every night to talk, he’d ask me about my days (the usual, packing orders, searching for crystals, unpacking shipments, taking pictures, taking care of the animals, watching for the school bus, etc etc etc) and I’d ask him about his meetings.  Each night we’d hang up and each night I’d count how many more nights – I just like when he’s here 🙂

I set up a love candle in the living room with some hearts and love word stones and was thinking that Valentine’s Day was coming.  Each time I placed a heart on the mirror I’d think he’s 30,000 up in the air getting closer to Houston.  And then I thought this is better than Valentine’s Day.  So many holidays seem so commercial now that it feels like they have lost their original meaning.  Valentine’s Day can be sad for those who have lost their love or are still waiting.  And for us, it seems silly that he has to buy me flowers on Feb 14th just because he’s supposed to.  Making the effort to buy flowers or a card or to do something special, not on a holiday seems to mean more.

Now I think reminders are good.  I think Valentine’s Day is a good day to evaluate.  A reminder at least once a year to assess things.  Am I happy in my relationships, am I looking for a relationship, am I the kind of partner that I want to be.  Do I love myself?  A good question to ask because we need to have self love to be whole and loving to others.

So tonight, in this house, it is going to be what Valentine’s Day should be.  Total happiness that the love of my life is home safe and sound.  We can share what the last 5 days have been like while we’ve been apart and just be thankful that we have each other 🙂

Love, Hearts and planes
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