popcornThe inspiration to choose my crystals for the new year started with popcorn. I looked in the pantry yesterday and saw right next to a big jar of popcorn kernels an even bigger box of microwave popcorn. I didn’t remember buying it, but somehow it made its way into my pantry. My air popper broke a few months ago and since we like popcorn when we watch movies the microwave popcorn sort of snuck in unnoticed.

We got a new air popper last night so we can go back to eating air popped popcorn, but it got me thinking about all the other things I have let slip by since I launched the website 9 months ago. The list is pretty long! Since this is the time new year resolution pageof year we usually evaluate and make resolutions I need to start with all the things I need to change and improve on.  So it all started with popcorn 🙂

When I woke up this morning I went into the crystal room to choose 4 crystals that I would make grids with, meditate with, and carry with me for the first month of the New Year. No thinking, just pulling. I chose:

Apache Tears

Bloodstone brings courage and encourages creativity. It is known for helping one stay on their chosen path and to help when one feels discouraged in following that path.  I originally gave myself 6 months to decide if the website and offering crystals would be something I would commit to as a permanent endeavor.  I have been on the fence still as I am trying to balance work and home.  I think this stone is telling me to continue on the path I started on last March.
Selenite represents soul connection, tranquility, peace and telepathy.  I believe I pulled this crystal because I have begun offering card readings again and have been doing them more for family and friends.  I actually find them to bring me a sense of serenity and I do feel “connected” more to everything around me.  I also think it’s a reminder to spend more time meditating, relaxing and finding some “down time”.
 tells us to look to our relationships with others to help us learn more about ourselves.  I think this stone is telling me to look more closely at my traits and see where I need to improve and to continue to foster the traits I have that I find I am happy about.

Apache Tears is good for change, moving forward and grief.  They are very good for people who have trouble slowing down to relax or just enjoy life.  I am sure I was initially drawn to pull this crystal as I carry one frequently because my father is ill and it causes me great sadness if I let myself think about his condition too much.  But I also know that its message for me is to not feel compelled to work 20 hours a day to the exclusion of everything else, and to be grateful he is still here with us even though he is not the same.

These are the four crystals I will create my New Year’s grid with.  I will carry some, meditate with some and focus on the reasons why I think I was drawn to choose them.

If you have some crystals I encourage you to put them in a bag or pouch and pull one or more of them.  See what they say to you. 🙂

Happy almost New Year’s!  Thank you to everyone who has supported me these past 9 months.  I have made some wonderful friends and shared some wonderful stories with so many of you.  I wish you all the best and a year filled with good health, abundance, love and many crystal blessings.


It all started with popcorn! Crystals for the New Year 2016
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