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Keith is all healed.  I am relieved, grateful, thankful, elated, and feeling very fortunate and blessed.  He healed a full month quicker than the surgeon estimated and with the exception of a huge scar (actually more than one) the reminders of the few months he was home recovering are starting to disappear. This weekend I finally put away the boxes of gauze, sterile gloves, surgical tape, collagen patches, and alcohol wipes that were part of our daily routine and can now move my crystals and candles back onto the shelves where I had created a sacred space when we moved into this house.

I prayed, cried, meditated and learned a lot about wound care the past few months and today I know how fortunate we truly are.  Here is a picture of the healing grid I made for him when he came home from the hospital.  I no longer feel the need to keep it set up.  The crystals will go back to the crystal room until I feel called to use them again in another grid or for meditating with.

I love this grid.  The day I set it up I was sad and worried, and today, the day I am putting it away I am so happy and relieved.  I looked at that grid every day for over two months and I suppose I will miss seeing it, but it’s a sign that we weathered the storm and we get to move on 🙂

The crystals in the grid are green aventurine, amethyst points, rainbow fluorite and a clear quartz crystal point on a flower of life tile.    I love this combination of crystals and think their properties complement each other 🙂  I am off to work on getting all my crystals back in their spaces and I am sending happy, joyful, and jubilant thoughts to all of you!


November 02nd, 2015

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