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I’ve finally started to find some time to retake some of the pictures of my crystal grid collections for the Shoppe.  I started thinking about why I chose each piece and how people would use and set up my collections.  You don’t need to set up a mega grid with large amounts of crystals to create a wonderful, grid with good crystal energy.  I do create large grids, partly because I feel very strongly at the time that I need one, partly because it’s relaxing for me, and partly because I enjoy working with crystals and creating a beautiful and complex grid.  A larger grid, with more crystals and larger crystals will introduce more crystal energy, but mostly, I create smaller grids.  They are easy to rearrange and place in several areas of my home and do feel vibrant, energetic, and not mention more practical for me in my home where space is at a premium.

I do have some of the more rare, hard to find, or expensive crystals, but I realize that they are not my “go to” crystals.  I tend to gravitate towards the crystals I started with “way back when” in the earlier days when I first discovered crystal grids and started creating them many years ago.  I do use my “special” crystals, but not nearly as often as the more easily accessible crystals in my  “crystal toolkit”.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a large amount of overlap when it comes to metaphysical properties.  Many, many crystals bring calm, nurturing, and peaceful feelings.  All crystals bring positive energy, and there are several that amplify the energies of the crystals within the same grid.   Using your intent and intuition is one of the most important aspects of crystal gridwork so it’s possible to use the same crystals in a crystal grid for different intents at different times.

So although using more crystals, or larger crystals of course does bring more crystal energy to your grid of space, there are many times I feel that making a smaller grid does the trick for me.

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These pictures show the crystals I have chosen for my Calm, Harmony & Inner Peace Collection.  One of my first crystal grids, and one of my favorites.  It includes a nice variety of crystals, all with lovely metaphysical properties relating to calm, soothing energies.  When you feel you have the need or desire to add to a smaller grid,  one option is to replace a tumbled stone with a larger quartz point, sphere or pyramid.  I would add a larger quartz point for the positive energy and amplification powers it brings.  It feels like a boost to the grid and there are times when I need a piece like this to help me better focus my intent.  Other times you can use a polished worry, soothing, totem, or palm stone as the center piece.  I have chosen a Rose Quartz Polished piece here as it is loving, soothing, and nurturing.  The shape of the palm stone is softer and definitely affects my intent when I am activating the grid for a more nurturing environment.

Kunzite and Kyanite are great facilitators of meditation, and living in a busy, hectic household makes it difficult for me at times to find that place in my mind that I need to be in to set up and activate a grid.  I love to add both these crystals when I really feel I need that extra support in centering and letting go of the day.  Kunzite is also a very loving stone, brings joy, and helps to relax and remove obstacles from ones path, so I believe it is an excellent stone to add when I feel I need that little bit extra.  Kyanite not only encourages your ability to manifest, but it helps to settle the mind so it’s a good choice for me when I am feeling distracted and wanting to calm, center, balance and relax.

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By adding different center stones, or making a grid larger or smaller, or just a bit different, I am helping myself reach a place where I can better direct my intent with the crystal grid.  Each stone and each shape has it’s own purpose, but mostly, I need to change things so I can better work with the grid.  I also am a big proponent of affirmations, written affirmations as well as verbal, to be said as part of your ritual when setting up a crystal grid.  Visualizing your affirmation and seeing it connecting with the crystals and being sent out and up to the Universe is a great way to bolster the intent of your grid.  Reading an affirmation and placing it under the grid or carrying it with me also helps me with focusing my intent.  Crystal grids are a collaboration between the person setting up the grid and the crystals themselves so any ritual you add to the process that helps your intent, I believe,  can be a powerful thing.

These stones have so many wonderful, unique, and overlapping energies.  I have found that whether I am using just 5 tumbled stones or I have created a larger, more involved grid with many different types of stones they can both be equally satisfying.  Many times, simplicity is best.  Sometimes, I just let the creativity flow and am surprised at the result.  In all cases, intuition is the one thing that I always follow.

Is bigger really better? How many crystals make a great crystal grid?

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