6009539I put this little grid on my daughter’s dresser last night.  Kunzite, Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz.  There is a lot of Rose Quartz in my house – for many years!  Soothing to the heart, comforting when we need it, warm and nurturing always.  She carries a Rose Quartz heart that was mine when she is away from home 🙂  – Cleanse your Rose Quartz frequently, especially during those rocky times.  Kunzite also has a strong energy of love and peace and is also good for reducing anxiety and stress, but is also used in grids for luck and balance.  The Green Aventurine has many of the same metaphysical properties of joy and love, but also is grounding, shielding and calms anger and irritation.  It is considered a Stone of Luck and Chance and helps one to be more decisive.   There is a Clear Quartz tumbled stone that is actually in the center of the grid (not pictured here) for positive energy and to amplify the energies of the other crystals).

I didn’t put the Rose Quartz wand in her room, but I did use it to activate the grid.  You can take a crystal point or wand and activate, or combine, the energies of the individual crystals to work together by “drawing” a line from each crystal up to the center stone, back down again, the over to the next crystal, then repeat until all the crystals have been “connected”.

So there it is, some calm, loving, lucky stones for my girl 🙂

Pull out those Aventurine and Rose Quartz for Calm, Nurturing and Peaceful Energy, with a bit o’luck

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