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Wow!  It’s Monday morning and I am actually having one of those Monday morning, I can’t get it together, I can’t believe the weekend is over days!  I never have one of those days!  It’s been years!  I love Monday mornings – I used to get my house in order, water the plants, plan for the week; or when I was working outside the house I even loved Mondays then – a fresh start to the week – see what challenges we have in front of us.  This is unusual for me!  Mondays I can go into the crystal room since the house is relatively quiet, rearrange, or create grids for either myself or someone who has asked for one.

So what’s up with me today?   My husband thinks the insane amount of time I am working has finally resulted in a normal reaction to a Monday morning 🙂  It is true that for the past 4 months since I have started the website I truly work 18 to 20 hours a day, seven days a week, and it has pretty much taken over the household.   Or maybe it’s the fact that I got 5 consecutive hours sleep last night and I am not used to that!

I am re-grouping – new consolidated “to do” lists, and I do have a lovely college girl that has started helping me in between her classes, in addition to my Mom who is helping, so I am determined to find that balance 🙂 so I can sleep more and get a bit more back to “normal” 🙂

And my husband, who for so many years thought my interest in Angels and Crystals was “adorable” has now taken a much keener interest, maybe due to some very insightful Angel card readings I did for him, or maybe because the amount of crystals, pyramids and crystal grids in our house has multiplied ten-fold.  This is great since he has always helped me with things, he really seems much more engaged now, so I am very happy about that!

In any case, I am not going to let myself have one of “those” Monday mornings 🙂  Too much to do for that!  Here is a collection of crystals I put together right before I started this post.  I am going to put it in the shop for anyone else out there that may be having one of “those Monday mornings”.  If you have any combination of some of these crystals, toss them into a pouch or put them near where you are working or spending time today.  This is a great one to bring to work too 🙂


Smoky Quartz is good for grounding while helping you to release fears and anger, and letting go of old thought patterns and negative issues.  It is also good for encouraging, or grounding, your desired intentions in reality, so in effect, they become more attainable.  It is said to assist you in recognizing the things you need to do in order to reach those goals, as well as being a mood elevator.  Additionally, it transmutes negative energy to positive energy, which also is necessary in order to focus on the goal and not get bogged down in negativity.  As it fosters group cooperation it is a good stone to have in the workplace or a cooperative situation.

Clear Quartz is a Master Healer and amplifies all the other crystals, as well as being a crystal that encourages and amplifies positive thinking and thought.

Sunstone This stone is a stone of joyfulness.  It helps to overcome procrastination, and it bolsters enthusiasm, while helping you to feel more optimistic and able to pull oneself up out of moodiness and inaction.

Tiger’s Eye Stone is a good stone to use to find and use your personal power, give you the motivation to achieve your desires and goals.  It helps to boost your willpower while, looking at the positive side of things instead of the negative.

Petrified Wood is a good stone for restoring physical energy and to help in achieving goals by helping you to see the obstacles that may be in your path so you can overcome them in order to accomplish your goals.  It is also said to bring a feeling of contentment and calm.

Monday Morning

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