Wow – a little over two months have passed since my husband and I discussed making a website and offering crystals again after an over 10 year “pause” while waiting for my youngest to get out of diapers and be old enough to go out to play without me!  It’s pretty amazing – in two months we’ve accomplished so much!  We’re already on our third website – the first one was very limited, the second one caused 40% of the people trying to purchase an item to freeze up and not complete their purchase.  And now the third site, which is only really the shopping portion is not so pretty yet, and has pretty much monopolized every spare minute of every night until 3am!

I have so many plans and not nearly enough time to do it all, but I am going to promise myself to go to sleep at 2am every night instead of my usual 3:30am, and if I can’t list everything inthe site the minute it comes in, well, that will have to be ok 🙂

I really love when the packages with new crystals arrive, just as much as I love seeing them go on the mail truck because I know that someone is waiting to get them and will be so happy when the package arrives 🙂

Here is a little peek of what I opened a few hours ago, they are almost all weighed, measured and in the copper pyramids so if any of them get new homes this weekend they will be ready to go!

Enjoy the pictures – there are a few more of them on the Dragonfly club sneak peek page.

Amethyst Chevron slabs, Moss Agate Slabs, Petrified Wood Slabs, Sodalite slabs, Celestite Cluster, Copper, Shungite, and Pyrite spheres, Amethyst Double Terminated Points, and Chyrsocolla Tumbled stones

250553_orig 2214221_orig 3201826_orig

I am the worst blogger ever!

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