Beautiful crystals for reducing anxiety
Beautiful crystals for reducing anxiety

Calm – peace – serenity – these are all words that I adore and something that I think we all want in our lives.  At my son’s baseball game last night, I was thinking that I actually felt calm, serene and peaceful, in between the adrenaline rush every time someone struck out or the other team got a run 🙂  – The weather was perfect with a nice breeze, we’ve had a break from the torrential downpours and life felt really good (and my son’s team won the championship game) so adding it all up – that was a great 2 hours.

I wish it was always so easy to feel calm, at peace and serene, but, well, it isn’t for most of us.  I hear from many people how stressful their lives feel and how anxiety is an issue.

I think different methods to combat those occasional anxieties work for different people.  Taking some time to take a step back, breathe, and try to relax and calm the mind can make a huge difference in how we tackle our anxieties.

This morning I pulled out three crystals I keep in a crystal medicine bag and took a quick picture – Prehnite,  Blue Lace Agate and Jet.  I like these three.  I like to keep them in a little bowl on my night table or in a little pouch in my bag.  I like to hold them sometimes and just sit – on those occasions that I remind myself I need to just stop for 2 mins and just “be”.  When you are feeling anxious I know it is even harder to try to calm, breathe and relax, but if even for a minute or two you can do that, I think it helps us get into a frame of mind that is beneficial to combating those stressful, anxious times.

Prehnite brings calm, peace and protection to your surroundings.  It’s cool green color is a visual cue for me to feel calm and to relax my mind.
Blue Lace Agate is a fabulous crystal for anxiety and stress.  It also works as a visual cue for me with its amazingly calming blue color.  It’s good for when you are feeling overwhelmed and is a comforting stone.
Jet has long been used for stress, anxiety, depression and other undesirable conditions.  It helps to release negative emotions and is also considered a stone of protection.

Rose Quartz, Prehnite, Orange Calcite, Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Green Aventurine Hematite, Shungite, Citrine and Rhodonite are other crystals I sometimes add to the three above.  So if you are looking to make a small crystal grid, medicine pouch or crystal night table bowl to help with anxiety and / or stress, check your collection for these crystals, make some tea, and give yourself five minutes to just “be”.

Anxiety & Calm – Calming Crystals for a Crystal Medicine Bag

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