2019 August

Welcome August!  The month with Two New Moons!

August is off to a down right spooky start with a Black Super New Moon occurring on July 31st/August 1st! In easier terms, a black moon is an additional New Moon that occurs in a month or in a season. Being a” Supermoon” means that it is closer to Earth than normal, which also means its vibrations and energy are stronger than usual.

Consider this a positive after the July eclipses occurring and with Mercury Retrograde coming to an end. If you have felt like July brought up the past, forced change into your life, and opened a new perspective, this New Moon may help you acknowledge what to DO with this newfound information.

Using the fire energy of Leo to be a leader in your life, move forward with the faith in yourself to know what is best for you. The bright and saturated Perseid’s Meteor Shower will peak on the evening of August 12th/morning of August 13th. Although the majority of the world cannot SEE the peak of a meteor shower, it is what you make of it. In ancient times, meteor showers were viewed as gifts from the universe, a reminder of something beyond our life on Earth, and a message directly from the universe to our inner self.

The Full Moon of August will fall on August 15th and will occur in unconventional Aquarius. Full Moons, which bring full energy and reflection, when falling in a sign that thrives on a lack of emotions, can be a bit confusing. Be patient with yourself, let the thoughts and feelings come and go and in a very Aquarius-like fashion, don’t act on emotions. 

 Stay focused on your inner self and all this opposing energy can help you come to some amazing realizations – balancing your heart and head.

August 23rd welcomes Virgo season, the sign that signals the organization and responsibility of Fall. We close out August with another New Moon, this time in Virgo on August 30th.

I hope each of you will follow your own New Moon Rituals, open yourself up, and set the intentions for the month ahead. You may feel too focused on the details so remind yourself to keep your mind open, look at the bigger picture and even challenge yourself to focus on an area of life you may have been neglecting.

We are sending patient and insightful thoughts your way!

We always recommend establishing a Full Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind!

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