2019 September

Welcome September!  

We hope your transition from the summer months to September has been smooth and motivating. The Full Moon/Harvest Moon will fall on September 14th in easy-going Pisces.

Full Moons bring full energy and falling in a water sign this month, signs that tend to carry greater emotions, means heighten emotions during this time. Being gentle and patient is the key here. It’s funny how with the greater amount of emotions, the more we are reminded to slow down and allow it all to be felt.

Follow your Full Moon ritual, allow your intuition to navigate the waters of new feelings, and forgive and let go where necessary.  September 23rd welcomes Libra season, the sign known for its kind and charming nature and constantly looking for balance.

September 23rd is also September Equinox where there are equal amounts of day and night throughout the world (talk about Libra balance) & this is the first day of autumn!

We close out September with the New Moon in Libra on September 28th. The theme for this start of a new lunar cycle is, you guessed it, balance. With new endeavors or excitement in one part of your life, it may ask you to release or re-evaluate your needs in another part of your life.

I hope each of you will follow your own New Moon Rituals, open yourself up, and set the intentions for the month ahead. You may feel too focused on the details so remind yourself to keep your mind open, look at the bigger picture and even challenge yourself to focus on an area of life you may have been neglecting.

As always, this is the time to set new intentions, dive into a new project, and reset your purpose in each part of your life.

We always recommend establishing a Full Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind!

🍏 September Promotion 🍏

Here is a wonderful opportunity to put together a fairy or miniature garden!  Adding these pieces to a planter or flower garden creates a a bit of whimsy to your plantings.  We also love to add word stones or totem stones to our gardens.

With a $25.00 purchase the shopping cart will deduct a 40% discount on all items we have in our Fairy Garden & Miniature Garden Accessories Collection.

Zodiac Gallery

We’ve put together this wonderful Zodiac Gallery! Find your sign below and read all about your special attributes and gifts.