2019 January

Happy New Year! We appreciate everyone’s patience during our unexpected move and now Crystal Dragonfly is up and running again.

We hope you’ve started your new year with positive intentions to manifest and new goals to put into action. January starts off with a bang where there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse and a New Moon in Capricorn on January 6th.

Most of the Sun will still be visible during this Partial Solar Eclipse.  The New Moon represents the ending of one cycle and beginning of another cycle, which couldn’t be more perfect timing than during the beginning of the new year. Being in work-oriented Capricorn, means getting down to business in your personal or professional goals. Trust the goals you have outlined for yourself and be ready to put the work in to achieve them!

On January 21st there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) along with a Supermoon! This is one of three Supermoons that will occur in 2019, where the moon is the closest it will be to the Earth.


A Total Lunar Eclipse mean the Moon passes through the Earth’s dark shadow and will progressively get darker and a shade of red.  A lunar eclipse tends to focus on your homelife, emotions, and relationships.

Although, it may cause some unsettling feelings and restlessness, it will also bring to light revelations about your relationships and where changes need to occur. 

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Happy Crystal Shopping!

Zodiac Gallery

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