Celestial Events – September 2018

September 9th brings a New Moon, where the Moon is not visible since it is on the same side of the Earth as the Sun. This New Moon will occur in detail-oriented Virgo.  Since Virgo qualities are known to be sensible, organized, and perfectionism- this is a great time to look at some areas that need improvement and require a lot of focus. Take a look at those projects, ideas, and tasks that have been put on the back burner.

September 23rd is when September Equinox will occur and the Sun will shine directly on the equator. There will be almost equal amounts of day & night throughout the world. Say Hello to Fall this day, or say Hello Spring if you’re on the Southern Hemisphere. This is also a time to acknowledge the balance, peace and harmony in your life. If you cannot find it easily then it is a day to start creating it. This also when the Sun enters Libra (Happy Birthday Libra babies!) Decision-making can seem more difficult during this time since the Libra sign is known for balance, tolerance, and being a peacemaker.

 September 25th is a Full Moon in Aries, where the Moon is fully illuminated from being on the opposite side of the Earth. The energy from full moon creates heightened emotions, feelings, and thoughts. 



The increased energy will also be influenced by Aries quick thinking, spontaneous spirit, and energetic appetite which can lead to some wonderful new ideas and motivation. This is also a wonderful day to bathe your crystals in the moonlight. 


To read more about the phases of the moon see our page on  Working with Magickal Moon Energy here.


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