Celestial Events – August 2018

           Happy August! If you’ve been feeling a sense of change on the horizon, experiencing communication issues, or re-evaluating your life, you can thank Mercury Retrograde for that. 

Six planets will be in retrograde simultaneously this month. Retrograde means a planet appears to be moving backwards. This is said to be an inward phase, a shift of your energy- so save your big moves for when Retrograde is over. 

August 11th brings a New Moon and a Partial Solar Eclipse. During a New Moon, the moon will not be visible in the night sky and it will be covering a part of the Sun (it will look like a cookie bite).  As always, a New Moon represents the beginning of a new cycle and during Mercury Retrograde it would be an ideal time to contemplate your upcoming next steps and be aware of your current habits.  Are they creating or crushing your potential future?

 When Mercury Retrograde ends on August 19th, it will be the time to put those ideas into actions. 

There will be a Full Moon on August 26th when the moon’s face will be fully illuminated. This is when the Sun is opposite the Moon, which is a good reminder to examine the opposing forces in your life. Your internal vs. external forces and your work vs. home life balance. 

This is a beautiful way to close out a long and energy-filled summer and look closely at your growth during this time! 

One may feel more energy around them before or after a full moon and it is vital to avoid feeling overwhelmed during this time, when possible 🙂 

To read more about the phases of the moon see our page on  Working with Magickal Moon Energy here.


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