2019 June

Happy Summer! June is a busy month astrologically and it starts strong on June 3rd with a New Moon in Gemini (The Moon is on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and is not visible). I personally love when the New Moon occurs at the beginning of the month, it helps me set new intentions and plan for a month of possibilities ahead.

This New Moon falling in Gemini will enhance your need and ability for communication. Be aware of your thoughts coming forward as you reflect and take time to journal and communicate with those around you- channel your inner charismatic Gemini.

On June 10th, Jupiter is at Opposition, or its closest approach to Earth. You should be able to see Jupiter with the naked eye, but it is the best night to grab some binoculars to view Jupiter in detail and its four moons.

The Full Moon for June will occur on June 17th in free-spirited Sagittarius. The moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun letting it illuminate the sky.

This particular Full Moon has been called the Full Strawberry Moon to signal the time of year of ripening fruit. This brings a tremendous amount of energy and emotion to harness. Even with the Sagittarius positive energy coming to play, it can still feel overwhelming and even uncomfortable. Be patient with yourself, allow these feelings to come and go, and utilize this energy into creative outlets and meditation.

Finally, a day we have all been waiting for is coming – The First Day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is on June 21st.

This is when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky and brings the longest period of daylight. Break out of the sunglasses and your sunstone and welcome this positive, sun-driven energy.

The Sun enters emotional Cancer on June 22nd , don’t forget about all of your Cancer friends birthdays coming up J.

We always recommend establishing a Full Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind!

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