2019 July

Hello July, Hello Total Solar Eclipse and Happy New Moon in Cancer!

July is getting right down to business with a Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon on July 2nd, which I bet you can feel.  Similar to a New Moon, the Moon blocks the Sun’s light, with the eclipse it is just extended.  The Solar Eclipse will only be visible to those in the Southern Hemisphere but the energy will be felt all over. 

 Happening in Cancer, a sign ruled by the moons, this may feel intense. Wait until Wednesday or Thursday for New Moon rituals and manifestation. Implement your self-care ritual during the new moon and allow the feelings from this strong, celestial event come to you. 

Mercury Retrograde is back in full swing on July 7th. You may have been feeling the increasing communication and technological issues since its pre-retrograde shadow period in the end of June. Although this time has a bad reputation for miscommunications, travel issues, big decisions being delayed, and all your technology going haywire at once – allow it to be more than that.

Take it easy during this time and allow the answers to come to you, put aside added time for reflection to encourage patience and gratitude. 

July is taking no breaks this month and there will be a Full ‘Thunder’ Moon in Capricorn and Partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16th.  The Moon will be fully illuminated during the partial lunar eclipse, where the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the three don’t form a straight line.

With the Full Moon Energy coming from hard-working Capricorn, harness the extra energy and focus. Since Mercury will still be in Retrograde, be conscious to delay putting plans into motion- again another time to reflect and make sense of all the added information put in front of you.

Like fireworks at the end of 4th of July, this month couldn’t leave us without a bang!  The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower will be peaking on July 28th– 29th. This month’s events may look intimidating on paper but it truly is what you make of it.

We are sending patient and insightful thoughts your way!

We always recommend establishing a Full Moon ritual to meditate, reflect, charge your crystals, and make peace with anything heavy on your mind!

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Enjoy and stay cool this summer!

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