Celestial Events – July 2018

               On July 12th, Mercury will be at its Greatest Eastern Elongation or its widest separation east of the Sun. This makes it possible to view this planet in the sky, which is usually a tough feat since Mercury follows the Sun’s path pretty closely.

 July 13th brings the New Moon in Cancer and a Partial Solar Eclipse. A New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse means heighted sensitivity that should be directed to one self during this time. The emotional Cancer sign will encourage sensitivity, nurturing behavior, and nostalgia.

 The Sun is in Leo beginning July 22nd so anticipate this fire sign’s energy to become prevalent. Known to be the sign wanting to be the center of attention, this is the time to find you, know yourself, and own yourself. Channel that energy into being enthusiastic about your passions and turn your prospects into real plans. Stay humble and don’t let Leo’s playful energy get the best of you. 

 Another astronomical double whammy will occur on July 27th, where there will be a Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse, and Mercury Retrograde starting the day before- yikes.

 When a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse overlap it is referred to as a Blood Moon- comforting right? Realistically, this name comes from the reddish hue the moon will have when the Sun and Earth align. This Lunar Eclipse will be mostly influenced by Mars, which can bring emotionally challenging energy into play.


2018 July Celestial Events

Even if you weren’t aware of the Blood Moon occurring, the intense amount of energy will bring it right to your attention. Instead of fearing the emotional energy, use it to your advantage and let the challenge allow you to grow.  Be easy on yourself and take some extra time to cleanse your self and use this an emotional reset for the future! 

One may feel more energy around them before or after a full moon and it is vital to avoid feeling overwhelmed during this time, when possible 🙂 

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