Celestial Events – November 2018

The end of the year is near, have you met your 2018 goals yet? Fear not, we still have two full months left- here are the important celestial events to know this month.

 Taurids Meteor Shower will peak on November 5th-6th with two separate streams producing 5 – 10 meteors per hour. With a thin crescent moon that evening, it will be great conditions to view the shower. Meteor Showers are said to produce extra energy in the sky- an opportunity to recharge your crystals.

November 7th brings a New Moon in Scorpio, where the Moon will be on the same side of the Earth & will not be visible. This New Moon in mysterious Scorpio creates an atmosphere where you will need to dive deep in your emotions and understand their meaning in all your relationships moving forward.

As always, this is a wonderful time to let go of the feelings dwelling from the previous cycle and give yourself a fresh slate for new projects and adventures.

Another meteor shower will peak on November 17th-18th, the Leonids Meteor Shower will have a great view with a waxing gibbous moon and will radiate from the constellation Leo.

November 23rd will bring a Full Moon in Gemini. The days leading up to the Full Moon are optimal to finish up projects with more creative and directed energy in the air.

A full moon brings heightened emotions and energies and with this one being in vivacious Gemini- expect a need for spontaneity and being in check with your feelings to communicate effectively.

A New moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle and the Earth, Moon, and the Sun are positioned in a line.

This a great time to use the new energy to clear your intentions and start a new project or set a new goal. 

Happy November!

To read more about the phases of the moon see our page on  Working with Magickal Moon Energy here.


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Zodiac Gallery

We’ve put together this wonderful Zodiac Gallery! Find your sign below and read all about your special attributes and gifts.