Celestial Events - April 2018

The Celestial Events for April get a slow start this month with a New Moon on April 16th.  This day is a great midway point of the month to reflect on where you are and renew energy for the next cycle. During this time the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same zodiac sign, the Fire sign Aries, which brings a concentration Fire Sign properties!

This is a good time for making changes to bring harmony and balance into your life, even if it requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

During April 22nd-23rd, the Lyrids Meteor Shower will peak and will produce about 20 meteors per hour in the Northern Hemisphere. The moon will be in the first quarter during this time which is favorable for Lyrids to radiate and easy to see without the moon’s light interfering.

On April 29th, Mercury is at Greatest Western Elongation, meaning it is the best time to view Mercury.

Finally, on April 30th we will end the month of April with a Full Moon. This Full Moon is referred to as the Pink Moon according to the Farmers Almanac because it marked the appearance of moss pink, one of the first spring flowers.

During Full Moons the moon frequencies are more active so everything that happens in your mind, body, and spirit will be enhanced during the full moon. Remember to focus on thinking positively and harnessing your creative energy.

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