2019 April

Have you been feeling the fiery Aries energy this April?

April 5th brings us the first New Moon since the Spring Equinox. With the moon not visible in the night sky, picture it as a clean slate for this Astrological Year. If you needed a sign to start something new, exciting, and maybe a bit scary – mark your calendar.

Allow the new energy to plant the seeds and set the groundwork for the cycle this month. This season in Aries is known to attract the freedom and truth from inside of you. AKA everything you love, you’ll be attracted to & everything you hate, you’ll be repelled from.

As always, take some extra time to meditate and go deep down to your inner self to set your intentions right. April 19th is the Sprouting Grass or Growing Full Moon (very Springy!) Since the Moon will be located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun, its face will illuminate the sky. When there is a Full Moon, the lunar emotions reach their pinnacle, which means stronger emotions and awareness.

Following the trend of truth this month, all your subconscious thoughts are said to become more conscious and in your forefront.

Keep your mind open and allow the extra energy to inspire you and give you peace. The Sun will enter stubborn Taurus on April 20th, don’t forget to shop for your Taurus friends here. April will close out with Lyrids Meteor Shower occurring on April 22nd-23rd.

These meteors are known to leave bright dust trails to light up the night sky. 

Magickal Oils

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Zodiac Gallery

We’ve put together this wonderful Zodiac Gallery! Find your sign below and read all about your special attributes and gifts.