Celestial Events – May 2018

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower will occur from April 19th – May 28th & will peak on the morning of May 6th. In its peak it will produce up to 60 meteors radiating from the constellation, Aquarius.

On May 9th, Jupiter will be at Opposition, which means it will be at its closest approach to Earth with a fully illuminated face by the Sun. This is the brightest it will be all year!

May 15th will bring a New Moon. As always, this is the beginning of a new cycle and gives a burst of energy to start something new. Keep your intentions genuine and practice having hope and influencing positivity in all you do.

The next moon phase will be a Full Moon on May 29th.  This is when the moon’s face will be fully illuminated by the Sun and it is known to increase emotional strength and intuition. Use this emotional increase to look into yourself and your personal relationships.

During Full Moons the moon frequencies are more active so everything that happens in your mind, body, and spirit will be enhanced during the full moon. Remember to focus on thinking positively and harnessing your creative energy.

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Zodiac Gallery

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