2019 March

We kick off March Celestial Events with Mercury Retrograde beginning on March 5thThis will be a time to get more in touch with intuition and allow new insights and understandings to unravel. Astrologers advise not to make permanent or life-changing decisions during this time since more truths come to light. This is why Mercury Retrograde is viewed as to a time to let things settle, grow your intuition within yourself, and find more effective ways to communicate with yourself and others.

Next, there will be a New Moon in Pisces on March 6th (Moon is on the same side of the Earth as the Sun and is not visible) which may seem overwhelming following Mercury going into Retrograde. However, the days leading up to these events would be the perfect time to let go of what you have been holding onto and make room for the NEW energy and lessons coming. Focus on giving time to yourself to reflect and recharge and let these days be pivotal for growth.Since many new realizations will come during Mercury Retrograde and a fresh lunar cycle, it is vital that you took time to clear your mind and set intentions for the month ahead.

March 20th is March/Spring Equinox or Astrological New Year. This is the day that the Sun moves into passionate Aries, a sign of youth, and is also the First Day of Spring.  This time can feel like a rebirth of energy but with Mercury Retrograde still in full swing until March 28th, it isn’t advised to make big changes.

March Lunar Celestial events mercury retrograde new moon full moon

The third consecutive Supermoon/Full Moon (Moon on opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and is fully illuminated) will take places on March 21st.  The Moon will be the closest it will be to Earth and may look bigger and brighter! Supermoons can tend to have bigger impacts on our emotional self with the Moon so close; it can feel as if the Moon is pulling directly on your emotional strings. This is a time to again bring forward those fears holding us back and by taking the time to understand them; we now have the power to let go of them.

It may seem overwhelming having all of the new energy in the air this month however; it is up to us how we let it affect us. Grow Through It.

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